Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Weekend with the Prince

This post about how spoiled and loved my dog is and the great weekend we had together! Thank for making this possible.

You've met one of the loves of my life, Princeton - in case you haven't, here he is!

I figured a good post to get back into the swing of things was one on this handsome fella'!  I love dogs, always have...but I really love this dog, for many reasons.

1. He's a great companion.  This weekend I was sewing my Saturday away.  My sewing machine is set up in the basement, away from the hub-bub.  All day long, Princeton kept coming downstairs to check on me and to get a good pat and give a big kiss.

2. He loves to snuggle.  We often fall asleep all curled up on the couch next to this snuggle bunny.  Don't believe me?  We have proof:

It doesn't matter the size of the couch, it's inevitable - if you're on it, he's going to join you!

3. The last reason that I'll share as to why I love Princeton is because of how much fun he is.  
If we pretend to howl, he'll join us:
Sorry this video is so dark, you can still hear his talent.

I always enjoy the weekend because that means I can sleep in and lay low.  I know that Princeton enjoys the weekend because that means he doesn't have to wake up at the butt-crack of dawn and we're going to stay home with him all day.  Man, I love that dog!

Do you have a canine man or lady in your life that brings you joy?  Can he/she howl on command?  I'd love to see it!

Here's to hoping that I'm able to share all the 16-ga-zillion things on here that I've been waiting to share.  I'm trying to get back into the swing of blogworld.  I've been gone far too long!  I've missed you blogland and I'm excited to return!

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  1. haha!! i love howling dogs too! here's kona a few years back. he howls at sirens almost everyday, so we played a siren noise for him. we still think it's hilarious!! and caroline calls him an owl. =)


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