Thursday, March 31, 2011

I can't even handle it!

Meet my pretend dog, Nutmeg (or 'Meggy/'Meg for short):
She's dang cute isn't she???  Too bad she's not really mine (or really a she either - her tag says, "Angus").  

I've loved dogs since the day I took my first breath (I know, I'm being really dramatic here).  I grew up with all different kinds of dogs.  Thankfully, so did Stephen.  We both have a strong love for them and we can't wait for the day (someday soon!) when we get to satisfy that desire by going and getting a love child (also known as a puppy) of our very own.  We have both always been on the same page by wanting to go to the Humane Society and rescue a lab-mutt of some sorts.  While I still want to do that, I really want to get 'Meg first.  It all started in February when our neighbor was outside walking their pet Vizsla named Kiwi.  It was instant love at first sight!  This dog was beautiful, so well behaved and SO sweet!  My heart melted into a tiny puddle around my feet and then instantly froze as it was right after the Blizzard.  

Some positives about Vizslas:
1. They don't get very big (45-65 lbs full grown)
2. They're known to not shed a lot
3. They respond well to training
4. They a incredibly friendly dogs (different opinions on the internet tell me that, not just my encounter with Kiwi).
5. They thrive on human companionship
6. They do well with lots of exercise (Stephen loves to run.....)

The only negative I can figure out:
1. They cost more than a pet at the Humane Society

{source}                                                                                                         {source}

Be still my heart...maybe one day!  What about you?  Do you have puppy love for a certain breed/type of dog?  


  1. Mike & I recently got my dream dog... she's half samoyed and half american eskimo. We LOVE her!! Here's a photo!

  2. We are bonkers for beagles! When my hubby saw me looking at this post, he even called me a traitor... :-)

    Beagles are amazingly loyal and so great with family. The only drawback is that they tend to follow their noses everywhere (hide the food!).

  3. Oh wow! Those puppies are so cute! Maybe you can find one at the humane society. We're pretty sure Moose is a pure bread flat coated retriever and those puppies go for like $1500, but he was $90 at the shelter. Of course they said he was a mix because they weren't 100% sure what he was - so you'll have to keep your eyes out.

  4. Kari! I still have this breed written down too! IF we ever get a dog this is the breed for us bc my allergies can't handle anything else and I also don't want a tiny dog! Maybe one day our kids will be able to convince Ryan!

  5. My parents just got two Vizsla puppies, Oszcar and Zizi, they are brother and sister. They are currently in GA, at hunting school. My stepdad is big into bird hunting. They are super cute and loving, but they do have a TON of energy. Check out my fb page, I have some pics on there.

  6. Oh my goodness, they are SO cute!! Vizslas are really beautiful dogs! I'm like you, I've never met a dog I didn't love. We just got a new puppy last weekend and I'm basking in the glow of puppy breath and puppy kisses. It's been a good week. I hope you get one!

  7. Kari, my momma's dog is kind of a Vizsla mix and is really cute. We don't know what the heck she is, but she's really sweet.

    I want a Golden Retreiver and Seth wants a Lab. But he/maybe we won't get a mix. This is a bad combo. I WANT A DOG SO BAD!!!!!

  8. Maybe there's a compromise? Check out Vizsla Rescue, a breed specific rescue organizaion.

  9. We have two vizslas and they were both rescues. One of our dogs was 8 when we got her and the other was 3. Rescues come with their own bagage, but they usually are house broken and as you said vizslas are incredibly responsive to training. Vizsla puppies are super super super hyper, which is another benefit to getting an older dog. AND they were free! Going with a rescue allows you to save a life and feel like you are doing the responsible thing socially. There are rescues in every state. We also contacted the breeder in our area and asked her to keep her eye open for any vizslas that may need a home. That is actually how we got our 3 year old, someone was trying to unload her on the breeder. We love love love a vizsla and would highly recommend them to anyone who is active enough to keep them happy.

  10. I have 1 and I LOVE him. They're expensive because they are a rare breed. I have an AKC champion show and field line breeder. She's Patty Hughes and she owns Patty's Puppy Love Farm. She's inspected every 3 months and is certified by the AKC. Her dogs are amazing. My Quincy is 2 1/2 and people stop me on the street and ask me about him all the time. He's the sweetest dog; he even sleeps in my bed. I have had a lab, an English, a German short haired and now a Vizsla. I will never get another breed of dog : )

  11. We got a baby V last summer. She is amazing! Tons of energy and MUST be excersized for 1-2 hours a day or they are very disasterous around the home!


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