Monday, March 14, 2011

Team Libby

Hello to all my fantastic blogging friends!  I hope you're having a wonderful Monday!  I apologize for my lack of Magnificent Monday posts (for those of you who are avid fans - I know that's all of you) ;), I haven't been on my A-game and this week I have something better for you!

If you've been around awhile, you might remember a post that I shared at the end of July regarding my friend, Libby.  If you don't remember it, or you weren't around then, I highly encourage you to go check out her blog and see how she is inspirationally living her life for Christ - through the good and the bad.  And when I mean bad, I mean like cancer bad.  Libby was diagnosed with cancer (lymphoma to be exact) in July of last year.  She started her blog (Don't Waste Your Cancer) and journaled her thoughts, fears, hopes, prayers, dreams, feelings, etc. throughout the whole thing.  Miraculously, God healed Libby of her cancer a few short weeks ago - but she will forever be changed!

With cancer, came incredibly high medical bills that Libby and her husband, Justin were left to pay off.  My sweet, sweet friend, Angie, conjured up a wonderful idea to help raise money for them to take care of their looming medical expenses.  Angie came up with "Team Libby" - a group of people committed to running and raising support to go directly to knocking down the medical debt.

To find out more about Team Libby, watch this video:

What does this have to do with you?  Well, dear friends, if you are moved by this at all, would like to help out our dear friends in a time of need, there are 2 different options for you.  The first and most important way you can help out is to pray.  Lift Justin and Libby (and their sweet daughter, Ava) up to the Lord and ask for His hand to guide and protect them during this financially hard time.  The second way you can help out is to support Libby and Justin financially either through direct support or through buying a t-shirt.  Some of my friends are selling Team Libby t-shirts to help raise money.  These shirts will be worn by the runners, and hopefully you too.  Each shirt will have light orange and aqua blue writing.  They are being sold in the colors Silver and Safety Green.

and here is a picture of the "Safety Green" color:

The deadline to order shirts is March 21 so you'll have to do it before you lose out on sporting this awesome shirt! (I'll be sporting it in the silver) :)


Happy Monday!

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