Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Travel Adventures

On Friday, Stephen and I woke up at the butt-crack of dawn and headed to Salt Lake City, Utah.  We have wanted to go out there for sometime now to visit some of Stephen's friends that he used to work with, as well as to get a little out west skiing in.  Let me tell you, we had a wonderful time!  We were having so much fun that I completely forgot to take ANY pictures...none, nada, zip, zilch, zero.  How does that happen?  As a result, I'll show you pictures that I snagged off the internet to help share with you all the fun that we had.

We arrived in Salt Lake after flying all the way to LAX (it was $180 cheaper per ticket) and being somewhat sad to leave sunny Los Angeles only to be greeted by snowy Salt Lake.  Oh well, we knew what we were getting ourselves into!  It was noon by the time we got there and so Stephen and I headed to a yummy burger and fries lunch at Squatters located in downtown Salt Lake.  Squatters is a pub (I believe the first brewery) in Salt Lake City and their food is yummmmmmmeeee!  Stephen and I were exhausted from a full morning of traveling and so we took a nap while we waited for our friends Ben and Richelle to get home from work.  There's something you must know about them - they are dog lovers just as we are - in fact, they have a Boxer named Rosie and a Frenchie named Betty.  Stephen and I absolutely LOVED playing with these two gals all weekend long!  So Ben got off work and the three of us (five if you include Rosie and Betty) headed to Creek City to go for a little hike.

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Right before you enter Creek City, you walk through Memorial Park, which is a beautiful area full of war monuments.  As you continue on there are creeks and trails where dogs are allowed off leashes...Betty and Rosie were having a blast!

After our hike, we headed back home to drop off the girls and to pick up Richelle.  Off to dinner at Iggy's downtown where I enjoyed a scrumptious Mango Lemonade and Wildcat VICTORY over the Buckeyes!  (Side note: I bleed blue.  My mom bleeds blue, my sisters bleed blue, my dad sometimes bleeds blue, I was born with blue blood running through my veins {yeah, yeah, yeah, everyone technically has that} and now Stephen bleeds blue.  UK is my alma mater and I will forever cheer on my Kentucky Wildcats!)  That in itself made Friday night AmAzInG!

On Saturday morning we woke up and headed to Brighton, Utah where we went skiing (I think we really went snowboarding because I was the only one who skied) for the day.  It was WONDERFUL!  I love to ski and have never had the opportunity to ski it up out west.  It was truly amazing and I can't wait to do it again!
After skiing for the day, we had a snack (we spent a lot of time outdoors and eating on this trip) and then headed back home to pick up the girls.  Once we were all five together again, off to Millcreek Canyon we went.  The coolest thing about being in Salt Lake (or any mountain town I assume) is that if it's raining in the valley, it's snowing in the mountains.  Once we got to Millcreek it was a winter wonderland - something out of a movie - so beautiful!

{source}                                                                                      {source}

We ended the night at P.F. Changs as we all have a love for that restaurant :).  On Sunday, we headed to church and then off to brunch at Dodos.  We then watched the Cats pull another victory over UNC (WOO-HOO!) and then spent the afternoon walking around downtown Salt Lake and enjoying a little shopping at The Gateway.  We headed back to Creek City and then off to dinner at the Red Iguana for some amazing Mexican cuisine...seriously, SO good!

Ben and Richelle had to work on Monday so we said our goodbyes on Monday morning and Stephen and I enjoyed one of his favorite restaurants for breakfast, Ruth's Diner, the 2nd oldest restaurant in Utah.  Ruth's is known for their "Mile High Biscuits" that everyone receives when they sit down.  They are amazingly good - they need no butter or jam, they're just so good by themselves!
Before we knew it, it was time to head to the airport for our ridiculously long travel home (we went to Oakland first and then back to Chicago).  We were so sad that our fun trip was over!  A trip to Salt Lake City is a great way to be reminded of how amazing our God is and how beautiful His creation is!  We can't wait to head back there again in the future!  Have you ever been to Salt Lake?  Any recommendations for us when we head out there again?


  1. sounds like fun! how hilarious that you didnt take any pictures:) glad u all had such a good weekend!

  2. We took a family trip out to SLC in February, it was fantastic. I absolutely loved it and it was actually kind of hard to come home the trip was so fun. We also went to the Red Iguana. Next time you go you have to go to this waffle place for dessert, waffles with chocolate and all the toppings you can imagine. Also, didn't take pics, I think it's because it's so hard to have a camera while skiing.

  3. YES!!!!! KARI!!!!!!!!!!! Park City is my absolute fave ski town. It's precious. It's only like 30 minutes from SLC and we usually just catch a shuttle from the airport so we don't have to rent a car. Then they have buses that run through the city really frequently, so that is convenient. You must go to the Baja Cantina for apres ski snacks after you ski at Park City Mtn.

    Basically, I love it all, but those are some highlights. Let's just go together and I'll take you to my favorite spots. :)


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