Friday, November 6, 2009

I love IKEA

So you would think that visiting IKEA last weekend in Bolingbrook, IL would have quenched my IKEA thirst...Stephen thought so too.  But yesterday, I surprised him by revealing that this weekend, I would like to venture to Schaumburg, IL to visit the IKEA there also.  Have I been bit by the Swedish bug?  One would think...but really, what it all boils down to is the fact that they have these rugs at a phenomenal price that we can't seem to price ANYWHERE we go...EVEN Wal-Mart?!  So in this post, you would see all things IKEA (almost); and because no one is here for me to show my finds from last weekend, I'm going to post them on here and pretend that you care :).

The rugs that started it all...

These two rugs will go under the beds in the Master and Guest bedrooms.  With the entire apartment being hardwood floors (and not very well maintained hardwood floors) I found it important to add a little bit of plush comfort to mine, Stephen's and all our guest's toesies when they come to visit...and at $39.99 a rug, it doesn't come at a shock that I want/and can afford them :)

Now onto last week's adventures...first off I will show you the artwork that we purchased to adorn the wall above the guest bedroom bed.  The color scheme in that room is green and brown, so in an effort to make things very cohesive, we purchased these and framed them in dark walnut frames:

We also purchased these to decorate the windows in that room.  While the windows are about as tall as the BFG (Big Friendly Giant) they aren't very wide, so 1 panel per window will do:

The last purchase that I will share with you was one that I was not originally sold on.  In fact, I was willing to walk away from this without looking back; it was Stephen who was persistent and I'm so glad I listened!  At the whopping price of $1.99, this little purchase brought color and fun to my kitchen:

You're confused by this aren't you?  You're thinking, "How does this silver bar make Kari so happy?"  Well when you buy 10 little hooks for $.99 and hang these from the bar, you can see where the smile gently enters your mouth:

And that's exactly what I did - I have my 6 different colored Fiesta mugs hanging happily from this rod and I think it was my favorite purchase of the weekend!

To end the day Stephen and I feasted on Swedish Meatballs, Mashed Potatoes, Penne Pasta with Mariana Sauce and a Diet Coke...2 people ate for $7...go to IKEA and find some fun for your humble abode!

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  1. I'm so excited that you have found the AWESOMENESS that IS ikea!! I have grown up there, literally (in the playplace while my parents shopped). they have so many lovely things and I will be venturing there in just a few days in PITTSBURGH! :)

    ps - brilliant idea with the bright colored mugs.. LOVE it


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