Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Just when I was getting used to this...change comes again!

You guessed it...I'm pregnant!

Ah-hahahahaha just kidding!  I really shouldn't joke like that, as I could actually get pregnant and then I wouldn't be laughing!  No, really the news that I want to share with you is that yesterday I received my acceptance letter from UIC for their M.Ed. program!

I will be starting my grad-school classes on January 11th!  While this news is so exciting, it's also kinda nerve racking!  I'm going to be a student again....I don't know what I think about that!  I loved NOT having to take tests or write papers once I graduated, and now I'm asking to be tortured again, and this time it will probably be even more painful as it's graduate school - they ain't messin'!

Anyhoo, some logistics on my program: I am going to be attending the Instructional Leadership Literacy, Language and Culture program in their college of Education.  In this program, I will earn my certification to be a Reading Specialist.  A Reading Specialist works with kids who cannot read and/or are learning to read and their job is to decipher where the problems lie and how to hurdle past them.  This degree would enable me to be a better reading teacher AND if at any point in time I do not want to be a "regular" classroom teacher, I can leave the general classroom and work solely as a Reading Specialist for a school building.  I believe that I can obtain my masters in about 3 semesters, so my plan would be to attend full time for the spring, summer and fall semesters and try to knock it all out in a time efficient manner.  Prayer is welcomed...I could use it as I get ready to embark on a whole new adventure within my new adventure :).


  1. Kari.I almost peed myself. My stomach LITERALLY dropped. I know you got some sort of sick pleasure out of doing that :)

    Congrats on being a student again!!!

  2. You got me too! I was like what?!?!? Then I realized how unlikely it was that you would be broadcasting that information this soon.

    I meant to ask you on the phone the other night if you had heard about this (but Derek was trying to get me to ask you inappropriate questions) so I forgot. But congrats! I'm so excited that you got in :)

  3. you should have seen my face when i read that first line....baaaaaaaaahaha.

    you will be such a great student! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand it hurts my feelings when you say i stalk you :( but i do ...kind of.


  4. This is awesome Kari!I am excited for you. I hope you're enjoying Chicago.

  5. maxime mihi placet hanc universitatem te accipisse!


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