Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Call me crazy...

My dearest friend, Shea is having a little baby girl this upcoming December.  For those of you who know Shea, you know that she's super stylish, rocking her specific taste.  With that being said, finding nursery coordinates that met Shea's standards was next to impossible.  This is where I enter the story, with my big mouth ;).  I offered to make her baby bedding...evidently, I was coming off a sewing high.  The good news is that one of my favorite sewing websites has killer tutorials and my good friend and partner in sewing crime, Amy is going to be joining me on this endeavor.  Amy and I made Shea some gifts for her baby shower.  We made her a nursing cover, burp cloths and a baby blanket.

This is the Amy Butler fabric that we used to make her shower gifts (the minky dot fabric was the back to her baby blanket). 
Shea decided that she loved Amy Butler fabrics and that she wanted to fill her nursery with them!

Help us out!  Give us your feedback!  
We still need to pick out 2 more fabrics (for the bumpers).  Please look at all the fabric choses and give us your expert opinion!
Here are pictures, fabrics and the tutorial links of what we'll be making for her:
First off is her comforter.  We don't really have a tutorial for this, just a lot of ideas and guidance from other sewers.  
These are the two Amy Butler fabrics that Shea chose for her comforter.  The solid will be the back and the floral will be the front.

This is one side of the crib bumpers...so far we still need 2 other fabrics: 1 for the other side of the bumpers and one for the ties.  Take a look at all the fabrics that Shea has chosen and let me know what you think: should she pick a solid brown or a solid green to go on the other side of the bumpers?  What about the ties - what design of fabric do you think she should go with?

This is the fabric that she has chosen for her dust ruffle, to coordinate with the comforter.

I'd love to hear your feedback!  We're going to have to make the decision about the other two fabrics for the bumpers and I know that my blogging friends have great ideas!


  1. This is awesome that you are able to make this stuff!! & I have a place in my heart for Amy Butler! I designed my crib bedding & had it made as well. The lady who made mine always puts minky on the inside of bumpers & I LOVE that - it's so soft right next to him!

  2. I love that you're making the bedding! So fun! I think solid brown on the other side of the crib bumper and green ties-that way you get both colors in. The comforter fabric is so great. I love it!! Hope that helps!!

  3. I vote for a solid green and a solid brown fabric to contrast the pink and white. I would pick green and brown to match the fabric for the crib bumpers. And I would choose a polka-dot fabric for the ties.

    Soo cute! You can do it!!!

  4. You and Amy are quickly climbing the list of my top ten favorite people. So excited to see the finished project and I certainly appreciate the effort and consideration! xoxo

  5. Kari - Your friend is SO lucky that you are making all of this for her!!! What an amazing gift. I like the idea of either green or brown on the inside of the bumper to match the geometric AB fabric. What about using the comforter fabric for the ties to tie everything together? Otherwise maybe use the solid green or brown that you use for the bumper?

    My Mom & I are heading to Chi tomorrow to see my sister - it's going to be so cold! Happy weekend!


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