Monday, August 15, 2011

2 Weeks Already?!?!

{I originally started writing this post last Thursday and I'm just now getting around to finishing it...}
Time sure has flown!  A mere 2 weeks ago, Stephen and I were still in our wonderful apartment in Chicago preparing for our both dreaded and anticipated moving day.  Not only did we have to make sure that we had everything packed up and ready to be moved the following morning, but we also had to make sure that we painted back some parts of our apartment that the following tenants didn't want.  When Stephen and I first moved into our apartment, we decided to paint to make it feel homey-er.  We made this decision, even though we knew there would be a good chance we'd have to paint back.

If you click here, you can see pictures of our apartment from before we moved in.  If you click here you can see some pictures from after we painted.  And, if you click here you can go to the actual rental listing that is still active, even though our apartment has successfully been rented out.

So Stephen and I were faced with the big challenge of painting back our family room, bedroom and kitchen...we were so not looking forward to it!  Thankfully, God blessed us with some ah-mazing Chicago friends (you can read more about them here) and they so sweetly came over and helped us totally repaint in a matter of hours.  What had taken us days to do, only took us hours to undo.

Sweet Debbie painting our family room...what was once burnt orange is now oatmeal...

Stephen captured this great photo of me painting the family room.

A serious crowd getting that kitchen transformed from chocolate to oatmeal!

4/5ths of my amazing small group came - did you know I love these gals???

Check out this progress:

What was once our brown kitchen turned into an oatmeal oasis...

Chocolate turned to oatmeal.  The chocolate definitely made those dingy cabinets appear whiter!
Our green bedroom, a now a unique shade of oatmeal.

Our warm, orange family room, guessed it!  Oatmeal!

The new tenants wanted the golden color but not the orange...I kept on asking them if they wanted my can of golden paint to paint the whole room the same color, although they didn't.  I'm wondering if they wished they would've taken it after they saw the final results?

It was really sad to leave this home that we loved...however, the new paint color made it easier because it we just didn't think it looked good and it didn't seem like home anymore.  While Stephen and I are still living with my parents, waiting for our new home to officially be ours, we're looking forward to all the new memories that will be made and looking back on our already made memories with a warm heart.  
Goodbye 421 W St James Place, thanks for being so great to us!

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  1. Doesn't this make you want to paint your new house oatmeal? Or maybe you could just make about 10 pounds of oatmeal and rub it all over your walls. That would look nice too! :P


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