Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wait for it...

Hello dear blog!  I did NOT forget about you!  How could I?!?  I have essentially lost my mind and have been looking for it.  That explains why I wasn't able to attend to you.  How could I attend to you mindless?  But that's beside the point.  The point is that I have such exciting news to share with you, along with some closing feelings about my recent move.  Unfortunately, I'm still a little batty (and probably will be for awhile) but I am making it my personal goal to come back on here later in the day and purge all my thoughts, feelings and news.

Hopefully you can find the strength you need to make it through the day despite all the eager anxiety you feel to hear about my news.  I know that my life makes your life complete (do you sense the heavily laid sarcasm here.  If you don't, shame on you.  It's dripping, and oozing off every word)!

See you back here later on in the day...maybe then I'll feel like I have more wits about me :)

Happy Tuesday!!!! <---you see that?  I genuinely thought it was Tuesday.  And then I had to stop and think about it.  I thought for a few seconds - a few long seconds.  It's not Tuesday, it's Wednesday.
That should explain why I'm not writing my post at this very second.

Top of the morning to 'ya!


  1. Hmm... well I'm intrigued! Not that I need an excuse to take a break later from work to check back in, but now I definitely will!

  2. Oh Kari, girl ... spill the beans! What is it?! I know -- like you have nothing more important to do, right?!

    Hope moving is going okay!!


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