Thursday, July 21, 2011

Guest Posting Today at Lemon Tree Creations

Hi Guys!  I'm guest posting today at Lemon Tree Creations.  You can see my guest post right here.  Thanks so much to the girls at LTC for having me today!

The project I'm sharing has to do with this little guy...


  1. Look at you big time blogger! I am so impressed with your abilities! Now that you are about to live so much closer you must teach me things.

    Also, on a kind of unrelated note but related to you moving back, I hung out with Traci last night and we decided the three of us must have some sort of reunion fun something together before her little babies arrive!

  2. Thanks for doing it! We'll have you again ANY TIME! I love, love the pillow.

  3. Oh my GOSH I love it!!!!!! You continue to amaze me, Kari Corsi...

  4. P.S. You need to get a "like on facebook" button. I'm not sure how to do it, but someday when you're less busy you should investigate. I am thus choosing to share this adorable pillow the old school way: linkin' it to my profile! :)

  5. love the pillow .. thanks for sharing ..


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