Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy 1 Month Birthday, Elliott!

I knew right when I found out that my sister was pregnant that I wanted to make a sign for the baby's room.  Because they waited to find out whether or not the baby was a boy or girl, they also waited to name *it (we now know it's a he).  So, I had to wait until the baby came and a name was decided upon in order to get my crazy hands working!  Using the same method that I used to make this and this, I set out to make Elliott's sign.

My supplies:
- 8x8 wooden sign from Michaels
- 1.5 inch wired turquoise ribbon from Michaels
- fabric from Elliott's baby bedding (for color direction)
- coordinating acrylic craft paint
- personalized print-outs of Elliott's initials, full name, birth date & time, weight and length
- paintbrush (not pictured)
- pencil (not pictured)
- tape (not pictured)
- clear spray paint (not pictured)
- staple gun (not pictured)

The Gist:
- Figured out what I wanted my sign to say and then picked the font & size, printed & cut it out.
- Shaded the back of the cut-outs and then arranged them where I wanted them on my board.
- Going cut-out by cut-out I taped the paper on and then, using a pencil, traced the words onto the board:
Can you see here where I started with Elliott's monogram? 

- After tracing on each individual set of wording, I painted it:

Here's what it looks like with the inspiration fabric in the background

- Once I was finished painting the front, I painted the sides brown:

- Sprayed a coat of the clear spray paint over the sign
- Cut out 2 pieces of turquoise ribbon (long)
- Measured 2 inches from either side and marked it on the back of the sign
- Using the markings as a guide, I stapled my ribbon to the back
- Tied a bow with the 2 pieces
- Hung it on the wall
- Smiled while looking at it as it reminds me of my want-to-squeeze-forever nephew:

Happy Birthday, Baby Elliott!
I love you more than you'll ever know!

I'm partying here this week :)


  1. Very cute! Thank you so much for linking up to Sew Woodsy today.

  2. I'm SO gonna do this! I never thought to do a sign for Maci's bedroom and I have plenty of scrap fabric left over from dust ruffles, drapes, pillows, etc. Thanks for sharing. I hope mine turns out as well as yours did. I may need to hit ya up for some pointers! You rock. P.S. Are you on Etsy? You totally should be.

  3. awe, such a cute idea for your nephew. i bet your sister loves it.

  4. Very Cute! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I love this Kari! It is so cute. I bet it looks awesome in the room next to that fabulous crib bedding! Thanks for linking to our first party! I appreciate it :)

  6. This is adorable! I think I might have to try this. About how long did it take you, from start to finish?

  7. wonderful and great instructions also thank you so much

  8. Following you from Someday Crafts. Would love to have you link this up at my {wow me} wednesday link up party going on right now. :)



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