Wednesday, February 8, 2012

We are...

DOG OWNERS!  Holy moly!  There's nothing like coming home to a creature that is so excited to see you that they are making squealing noises and are sliding all over the place!  Do you remember when I told you about our dear friends' dogs that we dog sat last March in Chicago?  Well, with their recent life changes (having a baby and finishing up a residency and preparing to start another) as well as just the craziness of owning a large dog that loves to run and has tons of energy in an apartment, Stephen and I officially became Princeton's new mommy and daddy over Martin Luther King Weekend.  If you recall, I've had my heart set on a Vizsla puppy for sometime now (read about that here), but I'll take a trained, housebroken dog any day if I can't have my Vizsla puppy!  The good news is that Princeton is a German Shorthaired Pointer which just so happens to be the big brother of the Vizsla.  It couldn't be more perfect - except for the day when we bring home Princeton's little sister, Meg and he and her fall in love and are the best brother and sister pups in the world...oh!  Sorry!  I digress...

Meet Princeton!
Our new family of 3 :) Don't worry, his eyes don't glow in real life!

He lives quite the life!

He loves a smaller bed so he can curl up in it.  He even enjoy's my parent's chihuahua's bed!

 Our first family picture :)

I told you, he leads quite the life!

And because I didn't get my puppy fix, I googled images of GSP puppies and found ones that look like Princeton.  I'm pretending that these were taken 3 years ago when he was a pup, and I'm sharing them with you now :)

Baby Princeton, pointing.                                    This actually really is Princeton, pointing.

Such a cutie!

They are just so cute!

As I'm typing this, I'm sitting on my couch with my buddy curled up right next to me - ah!  Such the life!  I'll be back later to share with you our wonderful and refreshing visit from our dear friends!


  1. He is adorable! We have some friends that have the same breed of dog. She was younger and was quite the ball of energy! lol

  2. Ah, what a cutie. I love that photo of you two napping together. Princeton's dreams are coming true!! Smoochies!

  3. so glad you finally got your puppy wish - isn't it wonderful???


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