Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Busy Sewing Bee!

These past couple of weeks/months, I've been sewing, sewing and sewing some more.  The majority of my Winter Break consisted of me sitting in front of my sewing machine or standing in front of my ironing board.  You see, I offered to make my dear friend, Traci her baby bedding BEFORE I found out she was having twins (oopsies!) although I wouldn't have traded it for the world! And then my sister-in-law discovered she was preggos with Sweet Sofia and of course I wanted to help her out for her nursery as well!  Needless to say, making 3 crib skirts, 3 sets of bumpers, a blanket and such really kept me moving and grooving, doing what I love on my time off.  Throughout all of it, I realized that I love to sew even more than I thought I did.  I love the creation that I have at the end of the day and being able to see that I made out of nothing.  Oh, and I'm obsessed with fabric.  Wait, did I admit that I'm obsessed with fabric?  Well, I'm obsessed with fabric...

Sweet Sofia's bedding:
Blanket: 1 side is a purple paisley cotton fabric; the other side is a super soft, pale green minky-dot; bordered in a jumbo, wine ric-rac

 Close-up of bumpers: outside is a purple paisley cotton fabric

 Inside of bumpers: super soft, pale green minky-dot

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The crib-skirt: tailored using a purple polka-dot cotton fabric

Close-up of tailored crib-skirt

 My friend, Traci's baby bedding:
Bumpers: chevron cotton fabric for inside and out
Tailored skirt: polka-dot cotton fabric

Bumpers: floral cotton fabric for inside and out
Tailored crib-skirt: solid pink cotton fabric

Are you or someone you love pregnant?  Would you rather have your own custom-created nursery as opposed to having to choose from the generic pink&greens and blues&browns?  If this is you, click here.

I'm partying here this week:


  1. Kari, these are STUNNING!! I love the minky on the crib bumpers... but then I saw the chevron and loved it best, and then I saw Kate's and loved it best.

    These look so professional!! Nice work!

  2. your awesome and the twins love their aunt...that is all :)

  3. You are amazing! When did you become such a sewing guru?! I only hope that I can afford you by the time it's my turn to ask for baby bedding!


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