Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Homemade Holidays 2010, Part 2

Good Morning!  Today is an eaaaaarrrrrly morning for me as I start my first day of spring semester today and I gotta get those hours in on my assistantship so that I can hopefully keep from having to go in to work on Friday...we'll see how that goes!

This Christmas was the year of pillows!  I made pillow galore!  I made pillows for sisters and friends - lots and lots of pillows!  Actually, it was a total of 7 pillows - shew!  Luckily for me, my sweet friend, Amanda came over one day to help me show those pillows who was boss!!!
(please forgive the next few photos as they were taken on my phone...)
I made a lot of these fun pillows that had a flannel front with 3 flannel flowers sewn along the side...

And then you might remember when I blogged about these button monogram pillows that I made for my in-laws.  The pillows were a BIG hit!  Too bad I can't make pillows every year!


I first saw a tutorial for salt-dough ornaments here and I loved them.  And then Darby blogged about them and so I knew I was onto something good :).  I decided to make the snowmen head salt-dough ornaments and use them as gift tags on our gifts this year.

Here are some pictures to show their production progression:

Super easy and a big hit among all recipients - they probably didn't want to hurt my feelings ;).

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  1. kari! you are SO crafty. and i see that piping on your pillows! what? how do you know how? and those ornaments are the cutest idea. i think i need to store that away for ohh....11 months or so.


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