Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas in Chicago

This was my first year as a resident of Chicago being able to enjoy the Christmas season and I must say, Chicago has a lot to offer around the holidays!  Here you'll find a few of my favorite (new and old) ways to  enjoy Christmas in the big city.  I knew this would be helpful as I know all of you will be planning your visit for Christmas 2010!

Thanks to my eager Zoo Light friends (Matt and Amy) Stephen and I enjoyed the amazing fun that is ZOO Lights this year!  Who can resist a FREE visit to the zoo to walk through, see the animals and see the millions of lights throughout!  Some information you need to know: at the end of November and beginning of December it is only open on the weekends but from Dec 18-Jan 3 it is opened nightly (closed on the 24th and 25th) 5-9 pm...Below are a few memorable moments from our visit:

Matt and Stephen enjoying their Santa Glasses (put 'em on and they make all lights take the shape of Santa)!
Stephen and I appreciating the Gingerbread culture.
Here's some video footage of my favorite part of ZooLights this year:

While this is an entire Winter Event it is also an event that is very fun to do around Christmas time for 2 reasons: it gets you in the spirit and because Chicago is much warmer in December than it is in January.  You can ice skate for free, however you must pay $10 to rent ice skates if you forgot to bring your own (Come on!  I know you all own a pair!).  The rink is open until 8pm on weeknights and 10pm on the weekends.

Come on down to Daly Square to experience this fun German-esq festival.  You can see the large annual Christmas tree (usually they use hundreds of real trees to make up the huge tree, however this year they went with 1 skimpy tall tree) and you can experience all the booths full of fun different merchandise ranging from beautiful glass blown ornaments to pillows to nuts to gingerbread cookies, etc. The only bummer about this is that after 12-24 you'll have to wait until the next year to experience it again...
Here we are, sad that they went with such a Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

While you're at the Christkindlmarket you are within blocks of visiting one of my favorite Chicago sites: the old Marshall Fields.  Here you can walk from window to window to see their Christmas decorated windows in whichever theme that they go with that year.  Step on in to view the giant and beautifully decorated Christmas tree in the Walnut Room...ah!  I love this place!

What fun this is to come and view their Christmas trees: 1 for every country!  Find the tree you like the best and spend tons of time viewing all the different ornaments that go along with the country theme.  This show ends on January 3rd so you have a little bit of time after Christmas to enjoy this holiday fun!
My Grandma is from Lebanon - I found my Lebanese Tree!
Stephen enjoying his Italian heritage!

Okay so according to their website they are claiming that this is the last year to see this exhibit, however I'm really hoping that they are merely going to replace it with another exhibit that is equally cool!  The basics of this exhibit are that they use science to go back to the Star of Bethlehem and study how this star phenomenon truly could have happened to lead to the Christ child.

Whelp kids, although there is a lot more to see and do in Chicago, especially around the holidays, I must stop for now.  Why don't you come next year and see it for yourself?! (However, don't wait to come, come sooner and then come back :) )!
I hope everyone had a marvelous Christmas this year!

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  1. i wish you would have posted this LAST WEEK when i was IN chicago so i could GO to all these super cool things! i would love to see all the christmas trees from around the world!


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