Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I'll Be Home For Christmas

Yesterday I gave you a glimpse inside my Decked-The-Halled Apt and I promised you that I would show you some other Christmas snippets from the rest of the place, and here you have it!  Enjoy the Christmas decorations from the dining area!
The top of our yellow cabinet in our dining are some close-ups of the Holiday goodness:
This candle: Fresh Balsam Fir from Bath and Body Works is AmAzInG!  We have it as a wall flower as well as the candle, and you can fool anyone with this smell, EVERYONE will think that you have a real tree!  And then I went to Michael's and got some garland and put it around it to make it a bit more festive.
EVERYONE needs a UK Santa!
This is our table runner thanks to the Pomegranate Warehouse sale in Lexington!  I then went to Pier One and got the candle and holder; the salt and pepper holders match all to well so we kept them on the table to go along with it all.  I took the same garland from Michael's and wrapped it around the candle.
Our China Hutch received a little Christmas lovin' as well!
One side of the hutch; you can see that I used the leftover Target ornaments from the garland around the fireplace to fill the trifle dish to make it a little more festive.
The other side of the China Hutch...
This is a super cute frame that I got at Kohls last year the day after Christmas for super cheap.  It says "Love Buttons Us Together" and it has little buttons all in it.  I need to get a picture to put in it, until then, I still proudly display it because it's adorable.
I also went to Hallmark and Michael's the day after Christmas and purchased all our wrapping paper, ribbons and Christmas cards for this year for super cheap because it was all like 70% off.  That's my plan for this year as well!  The good news is that the majority of the world is off at the mall or electronics stores to get merchandise so you don't have to rush out early to try to snag up some holiday trimmings.  Happy shopping!

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  1. You are on a blogging roll and I love it. And I love all your decoartions - so cute! I really can't wait to come visit you, I just don't know when its going to happen because of Derek's silly work on Saturdays job. But I am sooooo excited that you are coming to the movies with us on Friday! I didn't realize you would be in town so soon. Now I cannot wait until Friday!


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