Wednesday, November 2, 2011

SUPER belated Happy 94th Birthday, Noni!

So, Noni turned 94 back in July and we celebrated her birthday when Stephen and I moved back at the very beginning of August.  Because things have been so out of whack, I haven't shared with you pictures from her birthday celebration.  Noni is Stephen's maternal grandmother.  She is 100% Italian, having moved to the states from Sicily when she was in her late 20s.  Noni might be one of the cutest and sweetest old ladies that I've ever met.  It might have something to do with her broken English whenever she says things like, "Close the lights" or "You, Eat!" :).  Happy Belated Birthday, Noni - I can't wait to celebrate many more to come!

My sister-in-law, Ashley decorates cakes on the side and so she made this one for Noni's birthday.  The cool thing about this cake is that Stephen's little sister, Cali is pregnant.  Our extended family didn't know what she was having (boy or girl - including Noni), so the cake was colored to reveal which it was.  Watching Noni's face as she found out was priceless!

Sweet Noni blowing out her candles.

She really is so cute - this is her clapping for herself after blowing out her candles.

Noni's going for the cut - as you can see, Stephen's mom (can you tell that Noni is her mom?!) is anxiously awaiting the reveal to see everyone's reaction.  

The cake is pink!  They're having a girl!!!  (If you can't tell by this picture, Noni is crying...this is a normal occurrence for Noni.  When she's happy, she cries happy tears; sad, sad tears; scared, scared get the drift!)

Stephen and his sweet Noni.  Bet you can't tell they're related, can you (do you sense the hint of sarcasm that I laid on that statement)???

Here's all of us with Noni, including Stephen's cousin, Julie.  We're missing cousin Michael and his wife, Terry, and that would make it a complete picture of Noni and her grandchildren, their spouses and her great grandchildren.

Jake is Stephen's older brother's son.  He was helping Noni open gifts - Jake loves his Noni.

I couldn't pass up this sweet photo-op of Halle (Stephen's older brother's daughter) and her Nunu (Stephen's dad).

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