Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christmas Card Picture Preview

My sister snapped some pictures of Stephen and I in front of our new digs.  Enjoy the slideshow and help me pick the picture that should adorn the front of our Christmas card :).
Choice #1:
These next 2 won't be on the front...but they could make an appearance somewhere in our cards...
Stephen is claiming in this next picture that we're #1! 

So, what do you think?  Which one would you like to see hanging from your 'fridge; sitting on your mantel; in your Christmas card display?  I need help! What about you - are you sending personalized Christmas cards this year???


  1. #4 is my absolute fave!
    miss you friend!

  2. i think number 6 and number 9 are super cute. you can tell how thrilled you are to be at your new place. there's a bit of a glare from the door in some of the other ones, which is the only thing holding the others back in my opinion. good luck on your decision!

  3. I love #2. I like that its more of a close up and the lighting is really good. That's the one I'd choose. Also, regarding your previous post, I'd choose option 2 (also). I said 1 but meant 2. :)

  4. #5 or #6. They are all soo cute!

  5. Number two is my favorite (close up, good lighting). Number nine is my next favorite. :)


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