Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A trip back to our first home!

A couple of weeks ago, Stephen and I trucked it back to Chicago for the first time since we moved.  The whole time we were driving in, we were getting misty-eyed and nostalgic, missing our beloved city.  That came to a screeching halt when we drove around for an hour looking for a spot to park our car!  Parking is DEFINITELY not something I miss about that city!  
We stayed with our good friends, Matt and Amy and yet, somehow, we didn't get a picture with them! How does that happen?!  We enjoyed catching up with friends, and pretending like we still lived there.  We drove past our old apartment, and got really sad.  It's so funny because I went kicking and screaming to Chicago, and then was so sad to leave it.  You can read more about that here.  

I made sure I went into the Walnut Room at Macys to see their annual Christmas tree...it was only a year ago when Stephen's sister and her husband came up to visit us and we enjoyed the Walnut Room for dinner with them...seems like yesterday!

The BEST part of Macys at Christmas: Holiday Lane!

The entrance....I felt like such a tourist.

Macys on State Street.  Have I mentioned that I love Chicago???

 Stephen and I on the Michigan Avenue Bridge overlooking Trump Tower and the Chicago River.  We have a picture of the two of us on this bridge 6 years ago before we were dating.  He always says, "that's when you hated my guts..."  He's a funny one!

One of the biggest reasons we ventured to Chicago: our good friends Mike and Amanda had a sweet little baby, Baby Emma!  She is TOOO cute!  

On Sunday, before we split town, Stephen and I got to have lunch with our Small Groups.  I was so happy to spend some time loving on, being loved on, and catching up with these amazing ladies in my life!!! 

All in all, it was a great trip!  It went by way too quickly, but it was much needed for my heart and soul.  I miss Chicago a lot.  I miss what our life looked like up there, our church, and our family of friends.  I know that we're in a great place now and that we're where God has called us, but it sure has been hard!  I'm looking forward to visiting again and again and again, and to all the new memories and good times that will be had here in our New/Old Kentucky Home :).

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  1. And it was fab to see you too! Hugs and smoochies!


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