Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Pillow Extravaganza III

If you missed my first two Christmas Pillow showcases then click here and here for a refresher.  I had one other pillow that I wanted to make a Christmas cover for, but I wanted to stick with something that was simple and understated.  I had extra green fabric from my "peace", "love" and "joy" pillows.  I also already had some cream buttons from a pillow that I had made previously.  I decided that I would grab some red buttons and just go to work sewing them on the pillow.  Here's the result, hanging out next to one of my ribbon pillows:

and a close up:

And that wraps up my Christmas Pillow Extravaganzas!  I hope they inspired you to make some Christmas covers for your current pillows!

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  1. Both of your pillows are really cute Kari. I missed your ribbon pillow the first time around - what a great idea!


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