Thursday, January 20, 2011

Strange Addictions

Ummm...have you guys seen this show on TLC?  Stephen left on Tuesday for New York and so I've been home alone since then.  Whenever he's not here I tend to watch more television at night than I would normally, mostly for noise but also because there's no one here to hang out with or eat dinner with (do you feel sorry for me yet?).  I've seen previews for TLC's new show, "Strange Addictions" before but I had never actually seen an episode...not until tonight.  Tonight I watched an episode where a girl was addicted to wearing an animal costume (commonly known as Furry Fandom - apparently it's a real thing and if you google it you'll be able to read all about it) and a woman who is addicted to eating the cushions in her couch.  I was so perplexed by these addictions that I caught myself waiting to watch the following episode on the lady who is addicted to eating a "household cleanser" (looked like Comet to me) and the girl who is addicted to tanning (she goes to 3 different tanning salons a day for 20 minutes each for a grand total of 60 minutes 7 days a week).  I did see the preview for next week's episode on the man who calls his Real Doll (apparently this is a real thing also) his "partner"...I'm just curious as to where TLC finds such strange addictions (hence the name of the show)???
Obviously these people have real issues that have led them to their addictions such as abuse or family deaths, but still, it blows my mind that anyone would ever even think to eat the cushions of their couches or the bathtub cleaner.

After watching this show I was trying to think of some "addictions" that I had and while mine are nothing as intriguing as what TLC is looking for, they are random.  I wouldn't necessarily say that I'm "addicted" to this, but I do have an issue with my shoes and socks.  For some reason, once I've put my socks and shoes on for the day, I do not like taking them off and putting them back on, and I especially dislike walking around in my socked feet and then putting my shoes back on.  There's something about the stretched out fabric all bunching in my shoes that I can't stand.  I like putting on clean, new socks because they form to my feet perfectly without any bunches (WEIRD-O!) Because of this, I tend to keep my shoes on all the time, which is especially annoying in the wintertime when my shoes are constantly wet (making me have to take them off every time I come in the apartment).  When I was in college, I would take naps with my shoes on and my feet hanging off the bed.  I know this is no "I'm addicted to climbing in my fireplace" (I don't know, I was trying to think of something random that TLC might be looking for), but it is somewhat odd.  Now, I know I'm not the only person with some *strange* habit or dislike; what about you?  Anything weird that you can tell me about yourself to help keep me entertained until Stephen returns and I don't have to rely on TLC to see random addictions?

In other news, the low tomorrow is 1 degree.  You just read that right, I said 1 degree and I'm talking Fahrenheit, not celsius!  I'll let Dwight use his eloquent language to tell you what might happen due to the cold temperatures outside (even though in this clip he's referring to hiding in a snowman, but I couldn't resist)...


  1. jease! I kept my mouth covered in shock the entire time watching that clip. sometimes I'm glad we don't have cable because I would be glued to weird shows like that.

  2. I'm the same way about my socks and shoes! Most of the time I just go barefoot inside or I wear slippers.

  3. that show is something RI-diculous!!!! I have totally seen a couple episodes and it really FREAKS me out!!!

    i love you!!


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