Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Magnificent Mondays: Magnificent Blogs 47

(Let's all pretend like today is Monday just for the sake of my blog post - good thing it's not really Monday, instead you can have a case of the Tuesdays, but not a case of the Mondays! ugggh - shut me up!)

Jen is super duper duper uber organized and her organizational skills are TO-DIE-FOR!  I figured that with a new year usually comes the resolution (of some sort) to get organized and clean up around your house.  If this was one of your new years resolutions, you should head over to i heart organizing to get tips, learn some tricks and very simply be inspired by Jen's awesome organizational skills!

When you have an organized plan for your refrigerator, you know that you've got organizational skills down pat!

Check out Jen's favorite projects from 2010 - seriously, they're amazing!

Looking for some multi-functional storage solutions - Jen's got your answer!  Also, be sure to check out her AWESOME closet office just like the one in Country Living that I blogged about in this post ***SWOON!***

Okay, your turn!  Go find some of the bajillion things at i heart organizing that inspire you and have fun while doing it!

Happy Blogging!
p.s. even though my life was c-R-a-Z-y last week and I missed blogland, I intend on making up for that this week so expect to be seeing more of this crazy lady!!!


  1. ok this girl has done more before october than i have done.

    (note the period.)


  2. Awww, thanks girl! Love this post and the shout it! You are too kind! :)


  3. by far my favorite magnificent monday post. i am in organizing heaven. thanks kari & jen!


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