Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Country Living Lovin'

I was reading through my March issue of Country Living:

And on page 60 I saw this and immediately began to swoon:

Look at how refreshing and beautiful yet FUNCTIONAL that is?  I love everything about it!  Where is this functional little space?  Oh, it's in what used to be this:

...a closet!  That closet sure looks small as a closet and yet oh so big as an office!  
I think what I was so smittened by was the desk that they homemade using 2 filing cabinets, wheeled stands, spray paint, and a counter top - VOILA!  A new desk to match whatever room you'd like.  I must also say that the IKEA desk chair made my little heart thump a bit harder as well.
For all the details of this amazing closet to office transformation, go here.
If you have a closet you could live without, WHY NOT turn it into a beautiful functioning office!


  1. that is one gorgeous craft closet!! i'm loving it too. do you have a craft space in the works up there in chi-town?


  2. oh i really love this! i want a craft closet!


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