Monday, February 22, 2010

Magnificent Mondays: Magnificent Blogs

I stumbled upon this blog on Friday and knew that I had to blog about it (blog about a blog, sounds funny, right?).  And then I realized that this blog had inspired me to start the week off every Monday sharing blogs that I find inspiring.  So from now on (unless life happens - which will probably occur more often than I'd like) expect to see the beginning of every week start off with: 
"Magnificent Mondays: Magnificent Blogs"

Imperfectly Beautiful is such an inspiration for me because this woman has great DIY projects.  The only thing that isn't inspirational about her blog is the fact that now I am wishing I had a Cricut (really?!  why do I always want things?)  

One of the projects that she has done and I plan on repeating is this.  I plan on heading over to Hobby Lobby the next time I'm in KY to get the makings for this project to spruce up our office/twin bedroom.  

Two other DIY projects that I wish I could do (the first one is do-able, the second one I'm going to try to find alternatives to her use of the Cricut) you can find here.

I mean look at how CUTE this project is!  If I had kids, I'd be ALL over this!

Okay, I'll let you get lost at Imperfectly Beautiful - be inspired by all the creative things you can do in a cost efficient way around your space!

Happy Blogging!

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