Friday, February 19, 2010

An Unhealthy Obsession

I need to watch this:

Like I need to watch this:

So if I recognize this then WHY am I HOOKED?!  

A better question - If I already know the outcome (thanks to Reality Steve) then WHY am I HOOKED?

i. can't. stop. WATCHING!!!

I wish I had an excuse....
a) My Young Life girls watch it, it's how I stay connected in convo and get them to hang out with me...ummmm I don't lead YL anymore :(
b) My little sister makes me turn the channel....I don't have a little sister and I don't live with her either
c) Stephen really likes it....he makes fun of me and the show...can't say that I blame him.

What is wrong with me?!
I had a favorite (and then I found out the outcome), and I don't even laugh anymore at the fiction and absurdity surrounding the show...AHHHHHH!!!

One thing I know to be true:  good thing there's only 2 more weeks left in this train wreck that we call entertainment.  
Please still be my friend - this is my first step towards recovery: admitting that there's a problem.

Are you addicted to something you're not entirely proud of, in fact you'd hope it wouldn't come up in front of people you don't know so you don't have to own up to it?  (I'm not looking for deep dark sins here, something you're willing to share on the blog fact please don't post deep dark sins on here, it will make me shift in my seat out of discomfort) 


  1. I dont know the outcome yet Kari.. but you make me want to find out. Crap. Here it goes.

    If its Vienna..........

  2. i'm addicted too! this is the 1st season i've ever watched and i'm sometimes annoyed that i like it so much. oh well! i'm not going to stop now!! =)

  3. I'm SO glad that I have you guys! Misery LOVES company ;). Jade -I'm 100% with you, I've never been addicted before, or even watched. Stephen had a meeting one Monday night and this is where I found myself... I'm not gonna stop either! We can be guilty together!

  4. I love it and I hate it all at the same time! I've watched like 5 seasons of this show, and everytime the girl accepts the fantasy suite card after saying what great morals and values she has I want to throw my remote at the tv. And I tried to avoid knowing the outcome, but it was spoiled for me as well. I'm holding out a tiny bit of hope that it was all just a rumor...

  5. I will confess that I too watch this. Only when Derek lets me though because sometimes he makes me change the channel. But this past week he watched with me - I secretly think he is getting a little sucked in too.

  6. AMEN Katie! I HATE IT! I'm glad that we're all married (or dating) the studs that love Jesus and would never even a) think to go on this show or b) "fall in love" with tons of different women or even c) go play the willy nilly in the fantasy suite. Can I get a whoop-whoop on saying that I love my husband who loves JC?!

  7. oh no!! katie gave it away!!! if he picks her i am going to yell very angrily. :( tenley is perfect for him! (can you tell i'm sucked in too?)

    its really all trash..and a horrible idea for a show, but what can you do? you get attached. :)


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