Monday, January 3, 2011

Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011!

Sorry for my MIA-ness!  Things have been crazy fun around here, and don't worry, I'll fill you in with all the comings and goings.  But first, I'm going to look at 2010 in review....

I discovered my love for my Crock-Pot as well as enjoyed a wonderful first visit to my new apartment by my best friends, Donielle and Laura.

I gave up Diet Coke for what I thought would be for the season of Lent, which actually led to me giving it up for what seems like for good!  I realized I had an unhealthy curiosity for ABC's the Bachelor and I started featuring magnificent blogs on Magnificent Mondays.

Stephen and I ventured to D.C. to visit good friends during their crazy snowstorm as well as to Louisville to surprise Dad C. on his 60th birthday. I shared my favorite haircut of all time and we also booked our trip to Alaska.  March proved to be a big blogging month for me as I went from posting 7-9 posts a month to 24!

My desire to learn to sew increased which led me to purchase my new machine.  We went home for Easter and my sister, Melissa joined us on our return.  I was at my height of running (only to be led to me not running now months later).  Stephen and I contemplated getting a dog (which we ended up not doing just yet) and I learned a lot about candy from him :).

I almost wore a dress to a wedding that would've been the exact same dress as the bridesmaids - horrifying!!!  I ventured to D.C. again, this time with my old school and as a chaperone on the 5th grade class trip.  My car got towed and I realized it when I was supposed to be on my way to my sewing class to learn how to use my new machine :).  Stephen's sister and her husband came and visited us on Memorial Day weekend and I finished reading a great Francine Rivers book.

I started the summer off right by using our new ice cream maker to make peanut buttercup icecream.  I started my summer grad school classes which consisted of me sitting in class 4 nights a week from 4:30-8:30.

Stephen and I made an unexpected trip to Pittsburgh to visit his Nana who was in the hospital and not doing so well.  My pillow fetish began as I made my first fancy pillow.  My summer craftiness was kicked into high gear with the etching of glass, sewing of pillows, and the sewing of kitchen towels.  I finished up summer classes and my mama came to town to visit me!

With my mama in town I made my first set of burp cloths, baby blankets and even a reversible apron!  She's handy to have around!  Vacation time!  Stephen and I went on a week long cruise to Alaska with his sister and her husband as well as a week long vacation to our old Kentucky home!

We got to spend Labor Day weekend in Johnson City, TN with my wonderful Aunt, Uncle and cousins.  My old roomie and good friend, Traci came and visited for a fun filled weekend! I completed my first entire lamp renovation as well as my first table runner and place mats.

Stephen and I celebrated our first year of being married by going on a wonderful trip to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.  I also found out about receiving my research assistantship, and traveled to Rome, GA for my cousin's wedding (no pictures - sorry!) - what a full month!

I realized that my husband could, indeed sleep anywhere.  My obsession with pillows continued and my wonderful friends, Anne, Derek and Sarah spent a great weekend with us here in the city.

Our apartment received a wonderful Christmas facelift, Stephen's sister and her husband came and visited and we ventured to NYC, Pittsburgh, Columbus, Louisville, Lexington and Bowling Green, KY (no post on these trips just wait!).

What a full year!  I realized as I was doing this year in review that there are a lot of things I did that somehow didn't end up on my blog.  My resolution for my blog this year is to fill you guys in more on the ins and outs of everyday living here in the big city :)...I hope I don't bore you!

Thanks for letting me have this little corner of the universe to share my thoughts and creations - I am thankful for you and your friendship!


  1. Ahem! September-Your awesome college roommate came to visit for the weekend. She had tons of fun and it made her miss our college days :)


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