Saturday, March 6, 2010

Happy Birthday to Dad Corsi!

Today we're in Louisville to celebrate Stephen's dad's 60th birthday!  I can't believe he's 60!  He doesn't look OR act a day over 40 (I'm beginning to have a new perspective on what's "old" and what isn't and while I used to think of 60 as being "old" I no longer do).  He still works full time, takes care of the yard, the house and goes for runs daily with the dog.  60s are beginning to look like the new 50s!  Stephen's precious mother has sweated, worried, and been in a state of angst for the past 3 months...why?  Because she decided to throw him a surprise birthday party - mailed invitations, had me put together a slideshow, had people write him letters - the whole shebang!
Tonight's the party...we'll see if he's surprised.  We had a family celebration last night for dinner (his actual birthday).  This was to serve 2 purposes: to throw him off and make him think that was the end of the celebrations AND to actually celebrate on his actual birthday.  I hope it worked!
Today I'm so very thankful for Stephen's dad and all he's been to the Corsi family.  He's been an amazing man, husband and father.  He has worked hard to provide for his family and saw to it that his wife never had to work and was still ever present in his kid's lives.  Stephen is doing a Bible Study with his Small Group called Men's Fraternity.  Lately it's been talking about the importance of a good father and how to be a good father one day.  Stephen came to the realization that everything they've talked about so far he sees in his dad.
I married an amazing man.  He is far more compassionate, patient, loving and kind than I could ever hope to be.  I don't doubt for a second that he'll make an unbelievable father himself one day.  I can't help but be grateful to his dad for helping to mold him into who he is today.
Happy birthday Dad C.!

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