Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Random Thoughts of Thursday

So evidently I have randomness swirling my brain every Thursday.  What does this say about me and the weekdays?  By Thursday I can take no more?  Nah, just that I have a bit of randomness in my veins (you already knew this) and I have to air it out from time to time (I guess that's on a weekly basis now?).  So, enjoy the random list, or take the warning of randomness and ignore the blog today :).

(Click on the picture to go to Life Action Ministries)
1) This past week, our church hosted Life Action Ministries for the Thirst Conference.  At first, I have to admit, I was a bit peeved.  I'm on Spring Break and I don't have class at night but now I have to go to church every night?! (I'm embarrassed to even admit that to you).  I think that was God setting up my schedule so that I could go (Thanks God!  I'm glad You're in charge of me and I'm NOT!).  It was a great week of truthful, scripturefilled services that really shone light to dark places in my heart.  One of the things that I felt very convicted of this week was my bitterness.  I would have never pinned myself as a bitter person before, but the conviction strings were pulled and the veil was lifted from my eyes.  This is something that I feel like has really gotten in the middle of my relationship with the Lord and I'm so thankful that I have been convicted of this.  I'm currently praying (and accepting prayers) to really pinpoint the root of this bitterness as I feel like I can't discard it from my heart if I'm unsure of where it's come from.

2) I mentioned above that I am currently enjoying Spring Break.  Enjoying is the right word; unfortunately I have done little to nothing on the list of things that I wanted to get done.  I'm suffering from procrastination right now by writing this blog...hmmmmm, go figure.

3) For the past 7 years (yes, count them seven) I have had a summer goal of learning how to sew (shows how good I am at keeping my goals) and I've never accomplished this.  The main reason being I didn't have a sewing machine and so I felt as if I couldn't practice without one (and I didn't have the resources to get one).  Stephen has happily agreed to the purchase of a sewing machine which leaves me elated!  So, I will have a new sewing machine by Easter, and am hoping that my mom can show me how to use it to get started on the simple projects I have planned for myself.

4) I just finished laundry (specifically the sheets and towel portion) and have towels hanging on various heaters around the apartment (don't worry, they're steam heaters and nothing will catch on fire).  This is just another one of the many reasons that I look forward to the day when we have a washer and dryer IN our apartment that WORKS.

5) I've tried 3 new recipes this week and each one of them have been a success (no glory to me, I just followed the steps)!  I look forward to sharing these recipes with you in the next couple of weeks (HEALTHY homemade spaghetti and meatballs, grilled chicken with asparagus and orzo, chicken fajitas)

6) Looking for a great Mother's Day gift for a friend or your own mom?  I followed some blog advertisements which led me to Vintage Pearl where you can purchase this wonderful personalized gift (I thought they were great, especially for new moms).  I am awaiting on the arrival of mine to come, I'll let you know what I think of the final product.  Word to the wise: order early as they take anywhere from 2-4 weeks.

7) Earlier this week I expressed my need for some cheap inspiration for our guest room.  I got some great advice (2 to be exact) of different ideas to decorate the guest room bare wall.  I liked both ideas, but ended up going with Jade's simply because the bed sits so close to this wall which forces people to almost make-out with the wall as they walk to the other side of the bed.  I knew that if I followed Angie's advice of hanging twine and clothes pinning pictures to it, that pictures would constantly fall when people walked past it.  I ordered some paper today from Etsy for $5, I look forward to getting it and buying some el cheapo frames and matting these scrapbook pictures up in the guest room (stay tuned for some pictures of the completion!)

8) I found myself at this blog this morning and absolutely LOVED reading it.  This high school and college teacher has found a great and very interesting way to teach grammar to anyone who will read her blog.  Trust me, it's entertaining AND educating!

9) Saving the best for last: Mimi and Laura are coming to visit tonight!  I am so excited!  Our plans for the weekend?  Pizza and the UK game tonight; walking around the lake/park/zoo/state street tomorrow and then who knows what else the weekend will bring!  I am so happy to hang out with my sweet friends!  I haven't seen Mimers in FOREVER and I look forward to an amazing weekend with her!

10) I lied, number 9 wasn't the last one.  One more...the weather here is reminding me of KY in the sense that it is SO random.  Don't get me wrong, I loved the 60's weather last week but when it snowed over the weekend, talk about a BUMMER!  This week has been in the 50's but as I type I hear the wind going nuts telling me that the cooler weather (40 degree temps) are making their way in.  *sigh* I look forward to REAL spring!

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