Wednesday, March 17, 2010

No, I'm Not Sixty...

Did you guys see this???
I know that when I saw it, it made me really want to go here:

Yep, that's right - I wanted to go to Alaska (which is really funny because they didn't really film this movie in Alaska, but in Boston - my friends Katie and Julie saw some of the filming go down while they were there!).  I've heard it's GORGEOUS and that it would blow my socks off!  Luckily I'm married to a man who really enjoys to travel (thanks to the influence of Papa Corsi) and he shared my desire to go to Alaska (although he's already been there; really, where has Stephen NOT been?) and so, it's official....this will be us:
You heard me right, I'm going to Alaska!  WOO-HOO!  (and I'm not sixty...despite what you learned about me in my blog from yesterday!).  August 6th-13th (don't worry!  I checked the weather channel for temperatures and according to them I should expect it to be in the 70s everywhere we're going!) Stephen and I will start our rendezvous here:

 and then we'll sail here:
and then we'll sail here:
{Glacier Bay}
and then we'll sail here:
and then we're off for here:
with one last stop here:
{Victoria, Canada}
and then to finish off back in Seattle (possibly an overnight??? We'll see how convincing I can be)!  
The best part?  We're going with these guys:
My sister & brother-in-law, Cali and Tony!
{all pictures are linked to their owners}
Fun family times in an amazing place!  Once I go I can check 2 states (Washington and Alaska) off my New Years Resolution list, making all the other states that I go to this year just the icing on the cake :)!  It feels good to complete a fun NY Resolution!


  1. How exciting! I went on a cruise to Alaska two summers ago and it was amazing! I think a cruise is a perfect way to see Alaska. In Ketchikan we did a kayaking trip that was really neat. The White Pass Railroad is also really cool, but I can't remember what stop that was!

  2. If you're going to be in Seattle for a few days, I can give you some fun Seattle things to do! It's a great city!

  3. That last post was from Kim (Curry) Ives. I realized after I posted that you would have no idea who it was!


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