Tuesday, March 23, 2010

In need of some cheap inspirations!

You might remember me posting about the moss wreath that I made a couple of weeks ago.  I made this for the guest room and was so excited because it was going to go along with the color scheme (greens and browns) quite nicely.  I had a vision of which wall I was going to hang it from and I knew that it would "complete" the room.  Yesterday, I got a chance to get the ribbon together and to hang it!  I love the way the greens in the moss look with the greens in the room, and how the brown ribbon looks with it all.  The only problem is that the wall that I was hoping for the wreath to adorn, was just too big for the wreath.  Here is a picture of my finished moss wreath:
Here it is rocking out the guest room:

I love the way it looks right next to the bed...the only issue now is that the wall that I had planned on hanging the wreath from is empty....

This is the wall that you see right when you walk into the room.  I would love ANY ideas for things to make to fill this space up.  I'll take any and all suggestions!  Thanks creative blog friends!


  1. i've had this idea for awhile but haven't figured out where i want to do it just yet. get some frames, some white mats and then frame some scrapbook paper. there are so many fun prints out there. you would definitely be able to find something in your color scheme. and you could get frames and mats of different sizes so there there is some variety and uniformity at the same time. that's my suggestion!

  2. you should get some twine- like the brown looking stuff (here in ky they have it in the dollar bin in target:) ) and then hang black and white pictures from clothes pins across the twine... string it across the wall :)

  3. I love this wreath! And the ribbon is perfect.

    I just discovered your blog and it's been a lot of fun to look around!


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