Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Professional Framing

I love a beautiful print framed just right with the color coordinated mat and the frame that makes it pop...I feel like I also need to tell you that I HATE how much it costs to get this done to your prints.  Stephen and I had 2 prints that we wanted to get framed.  One of them was a picture of Pisgah Church (where we got engaged) that one of my best friends (Katie) got for me as a shower gift.  When she gave it to me she commented that she knew it was an awkward size and that she was sorry because she knew it would need professional framing help.  The other print that we wanted to get framed was a picture of Central Park in the fall that we picked up in NYC for $10 on the street.  We knew exactly where we were going to put both of these pictures in our apartment, the only problem was getting them framed...ay yi yi!
Michael's was having their famous 60% off framing sale and so I was bound and determined to at least get the Central Park picture framed.  Stephen was with me and we went in and were so hopeful.  And then, the man behind the counter got out a nail and popped the air out of our hopeful balloon.  The cheapest that this framing project could possibly be was too expensive for us - we only paid $10 for the print!  I had given up, just knowing that I would never have these pictures in my apartment because it was just too dang costly!  And then I remembered what I had heard someone say before - "Hobby Lobby has such great prices on having things framed..." it was almost as touching of a thought as if a tunnel of light started shining down on my thought bubble and a soft melody started playing in the background.
In February we ventured to Hobby Lobby and picked out 2 open back frames in the right size for our prints.  We had BOTH prints framed for the cheapest cost that Michael's was going to charge us for just 1 of them.  The trick?  It's not technically custom framing because we picked out the open back frames, BUT it worked for us! (p.s. they were having 50% off their frames that day so we got it on sale).  And here they are, the beauts that I didn't think would make it into our apartment due to Michael's outrageous prices!

As if I needed one, I discovered another reason to LOVE Hobby Lobby!


  1. i love both pictures! yay for beautiful fall foilage!

    and again, i apologize that it was so much trouble to actually frame and hang the picture. gifts should never require that much work!

  2. also - i would like to invite you to stalk me. :)


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