Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Reason #4,365 why I love my best friend...

Donielle and I have been best friends since we were in high school.  I could sit in a room with her and be entirely quiet, both of us doing our own things.  I could also sit in a room with her and be entirely quiet because we're laughing so hard that noise isn't even coming out.  We both chose to follow Christ with our entire lives at the same time (Young Life Camp: Castaway '99 BAAAAYBAAAAY!) and that we did.  Unfortunately, a lot of people think that when you follow Christ you can no longer "have fun".  I would like to know what "having fun" looks like to those who think you can no longer have it because let me tell you, I have had more fun living my life for Christ than I did before (and a lot of that fun involves my bffaot Doni).  Now I could go on and on with memories and reasons that I love her, but this post is entirely devoted to the last reason (#4,365) to date that I love her.  I love her because she loves high school girls and God used her in some way, shape or form to show His love to them.  I love her because not only does she love high school girls but she goes on spring break with them.  Let's analyze this...what do you think that most senior in high school girls do on spring break?  Go clubbin'?  Consume large quantities of alcohol?  Wear inappropriate clothing to draw attention to themselves because they lack self confidence and seek it in any guy that will give it to them?  Well, well, well...NOT THESE HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS!  These girls (Doni included) are living life to the fullest loving Christ and HAVING FUN!  Please scroll to the bottom of my blog and turn OFF my music, and then proceed to watch this video!  Doni is playing the roll of Luda in this video (for those of you who need help with this: she's wearing Young Life sweat pants with a light blue shirt and a white jacket).  Please enjoy watching these girls have the time of their lives acting completely ridiculous at all hours of the morning :)


  1. i am DYING! oh my goodness...i was crying because i was laughing so my office...that i share with 7 people. wow! I don't know if its because we know & love all of those girls but that is hysterical....I'm so glad that you posted that.

    also i can't figure out how to post videos in my blog..i need your help. it never lets me.

  2. AAAAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!! OMG. Elizabeth may be one of the funniest people I know. And I love that Suzanne was major prego. Hysterical!!


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