Thursday, March 18, 2010

Random Thoughts

I've got lots of random, short thoughts so you're getting them in one punch - I know you're bored when you keep reading this :).

-Tonight is my last night of class before spring break.  I am really excited about this although the excitement just isn't the same now that I'm no longer in college and not going to a sandy beach somewhere.

-I found out yesterday that I probably can't be finished with grad school by next spring which really bums me out.  This means that our time in Chicago must be prolonged because I can't leave in the middle of completing the program...ugh!

-Today is the day that all Cats fans look forward to - welcome to March Madness!  I'm so happy because I know that all the Cats' games will be on television here, whereas before they didn't care about the SEC so their games weren't televised.  All the games they play from here on out I will be able to watch on my t.v. - ah!  The simple things in life!

-Why do I look at real estate in Kentucky?  I get on and I look up all different price point homes and then continue to show them to Stephen.  Someone needs to remind me of #2 in my random thought list!  Evidently, I really like to procrastinate.

-The furniture man is coming tomorrow to try and fix the spill on our furniture and I'm hoping that they can actually fix it and we can forget it ever happened.

-My discipline has gone on vacation.  I'm struggling in my discipline with my walk with the Lord in the sense that I am not spending the time I need to with Him.  This is really frustrating because I have the time now to spend LOTS of time with Him so why don't I?!?!?!

-Why do so many people in Chicago get excited about St. Pat's Day?  I mean, the whole purpose behind the holiday isn't really celebrated, people just want to wear green and drink a lot of beer.  I can't tell you how crazy it was here on Saturday night (that's when they dyed the river green) and how many people kept telling us, "Happy St. Patrick's Day!" (Saturday WASN'T St. Patrick's Day!!!)
-I want a dog really badly.  The hard part about this is that Stephen also wants a dog too...badly for him as well.  Why is this bad you ask?  Because we can't get a dog right now so we have to continually remind ourselves as to why we can't get one...but it's soooo hard when we're walking and we see cute pooches everywhere!

-I have a lot of fun things to look forward to!  Next week Mimi and Laura are coming to visit for 3 days (YAYAYAYAY!) and then there's Easter :).  Stephen has off Good Friday so we're heading home on Thursday night to spend a nice long weekend in Louisville.  I love Kentucky!

-Stephen has really held me accountable to working out and I'm so grateful for him!  I know that I wouldn't have gone to the gym at all if it weren't for him pushing me.  My running is slow but I have seen improvement.  We're thinking about signing up for the Lincoln Park Zoo 5k run in June.  By then, I'm thinking I will for sure be able to run 3 miles consecutively.  Since I've started running, I've lost 4.5 lbs which is a really good motivator, especially after this.

That sums up the swarm of thoughts going on in my head right now.  Again, I apologize for the random list of mumbo-jumbo!


  1. I like random thought posts the best! It makes me feel like we talked.

    I agree with you about St. Patrick's day. I love that we have a day to honor St. Patrick, but it really annoys me that everyone just uses it as a reason to wear green and drink alot.

    I also hope that you can move back to KY and get a dog soon! Don't wish away your time in Chicago but just know that we miss you here and are looking forward to when you are only 1 hour away instead of 6.

  2. 4.5 lbs! Yeah girl! Good work!

    And I'm obsessed with We want to move in the next year, but I can't stop looking now!!


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