Thursday, March 4, 2010

Taking a trip to D.C.

This past February, Stephen and I (along with our friends Matt and Amy) decided to venture to Washington, D.C. to visit our friend Ryan.  We finalized our plans in January and quickly booked the hotel and plane tickets to ensure our prices and our trip.  Who would've thought that it would end up being the worst snow storm in D.C. in 90 years?!  By the time we got there, the snow was finished falling but there were mounds of snow EVERYWHERE!  The Lincoln Memorial was covered in snow (before we arrived people were using it as a sledding ground - CrAzY!) and the reflection pool was a solid slab of ice so we were able to just walk across it like it was no big deal.  Below are some pictures from our trip:

One of my New Years Resolutions was to travel to three different states besides KY and IL and so now I only have 2 left!  I think I can do it :)


  1. Um, hello...Indiana is another state. We will take you and Stephen!!! Also, not to burst your bubble, but technically DC isn't a state. But I'll count it if you want to pretend. :)

  2. Yes Julie, I know that D.C. isn't "technically" a state but we did travel to VA while we were there so I'm counting it! ***I'm coming to Indiana probably this summer with Donielle to see you and the Mister. The question is WHEN ARE YOU AND SETH COMING TO CHICAGO?!


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