Friday, March 19, 2010

Wishing I were better in the kitchen...

I went to the Library last weekend (to get books for class) and I decided to make my trip fun by getting a few books for myself.  I have a deep desire to try out new things in the kitchen and to create some amazing meals like I see online or in books.  This desire motivated me to check out all the cookbooks at the Library (a friend gave me that bit of advice: check out cookbooks at the library and if you really like them, THEN go buy them).  I was so excited to see this book among the flood of other cookbooks:
I had seen this book at Crate and Barrel and managed to walk right past it (only after I admired the bright and cheery cover), but when I saw it at the library, I immediately grabbed it and started skimming through it.  This cookbook is AWESOME!  Let me share with you the number one reason that I love it:  it includes a picture of EVERY recipe that is in the book.  For someone who doesn't know what they're doing, this is a very big plus!  I need that picture to see if my creation is "correct", and I also need that picture to help me decide if I want to go through with making the dish.  The next thing that I love about this book is that with all the main courses they tell you what side dishes, salads, etc. would go great with them.  I like it when a cookbook does this because (let's be honest) I don't know how to cook let alone what foods compliment each other!  And lastly, the recipes that are included actually look DO-ABLE and scrumptious!  This isn't a cookbook filled with things that you would normally make and already have a bajillion recipes for, but they are yummy looking and inspiring!  If you go to Amazon {just click the word, I've already directed you there} you can flip through the book to see what I'm talking about.  I'm going to enjoy borrowing this from the public library and then I'll probably search online for some cheap prices instead of paying the Crate and Barrel price!  Happy Cooking!

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  1. I almost bought that back in December!!! Let me know if you like it. It looked awesome and I loved that it had so many pictures.


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