Saturday, March 20, 2010

Crafty Furniture Heartache!

I can't even begin to express the sadness that I had this evening - I was so let down!  (okay, I'm being a huge drama queen but I WAS bummed out!).  Let me explain.  Last night, I was walking home from class, talking on the phone with my mom.  Right before I got to our door, I noticed that the people next door had put a desk to the curb.  At first glance I was totally uninterested but then, as I looked back on it, something caught my eye.  This desk was awesome, solid wood, just in need of some TLC.  I interrupted my mom telling her, "there's this awesome desk outside that I want but I don't think Stephen would be happy with me if I asked him if we could have it..." so I left it at that, but my mind was thinking of all the possibilities: painting it black or stripping it and re-staining it a deep walnut.  Oh the wheels were spinning!  Fast forward to three o'clock in the morning (I had fallen asleep on the bed after dinner because I was feeling icky and instead of waking me up, Stephen got ready for bed and laid down next to me.  I woke up and still needed to put my pjs on, brush my teeth, etc), I say to Stephen, "Hey!  Did you see that desk outside when you were walking home from church?" His response?  "Yeah!  I almost brought it up but I thought you'd be mad at me!"  WHHHHHAAAATTTT?!??!?!?!  Why didn't I just ASK him if I could have it when he came home?  I didn't feel like it was the right thing for a loving wife to do to her husband who had to wake up in 2 hours to ask him to go out in the middle of the night to get the awesome desk and take it to the basement of our apartment building, surely disturbing the peace...but BOY did I want to!  So we decided if it were still there when he returned from work, he'd get it and take it downstairs.  I thought about that dumb desk all day - all the things that I could do with it.  I went on a walk at 2 and there she was in all her glory, just waiting for us!  I returned at 3 and she was still there!  I contemplated removing the drawers and thought that no one would want a desk with no drawers.  Then I decided that if she'd been there all day, she'd be there when Stephen returned...I WAS WRONG!  Stephen came home and the desk was GONZO.  I was heartbroken.  I had my heart set on free furniture and all that I could do with it!  Moral of this story?  When I see something FREE on the curb that I want, I will snag it! (or at least as my husband if I can have it BEFORE 3am)!

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