Monday, March 1, 2010

Magnificent Mondays: Magnificent Blogs 2

This woman has an amazing story to tell and on top of that she shares recipes of tasty treats that she has tried in her kitchen.  Not only will you be inspired by her life experiences and determination to make good out of them, but you'll also be inspired to try out some of the YUM YUMs she blogs about.  

Her blog is easy to navigate as she has the different types of goodies in categories along the left hand side of the page.  From cakes to appetizers to breads, there is a bunch to choose from and they all look YUMMY!

I can't wait to try this one Saturday morning to tantalize Stephen's sweet taste buds!  Just looking at them makes my mouth water (evidently I'm a dog)!

I know this is a little late but what GREAT candies to make for your sweetheart of your girlfriends in honor of Valentines Day!

And how friggin' cool are these guys to try out in honor of my favorite season, fall?!

Okay, okay, okay, enough is enough!  Go to Sunday Baker and find some great salivating things to make for yourself this week! 
Happy Blogging!

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