Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Divine Intervention

My sweet and crazy friend, Ashley got married this past weekend in Lexington, KY.  It was a perfect time for a wedding considering that it was Mother's Day weekend so Stephen and I were already planning a trip to KY and the wedding was within our reach to attend :).  I was excited to go and see a bunch of people/friends that I hadn't seen in awhile.  I was anticipating wearing the dress that I had worn to my rehearsal dinner.  I didn't go the traditional "white" dress route for our rehearsal dinner mainly because I couldn't find one that I liked.  I decided that I would get a dress in one of my favorite colors (green!) which would be fun because it's one of Stephen's favorite colors as well.
I knew the dress was in Louisville from the last (and only time) that I had worn it so I only ventured to KY with my black shoes and some accessories to match.  Stephen and I took a field trip to Target in hopes to find a black wrap to help keep me warm on the unusually cool May day that we had on Saturday.  I couldn't find a black wrap but I did find a really pretty colorful one (with bits of green in it - PERFECT!) to wear AND it was on clearance for $3.54.  SCORE!  

We headed back to my parent's house in Louisville to get ready for the wedding (which was at 5:30).  I had big plans to leave their house at 4 to give us ample amounts of time to arrive at the wedding in time.  I went upstairs at 3 to start the process of getting ready and the first stop for me was to my bedroom closet to remove the dress so I could iron out any wrinkles in it.  Much to my dismay, the dress was NO WHERE IN SITE.  I repeatedly sifted through the things hanging in my closet in hopes that I had simply overlooked the dress.  Still, no luck.  I searched every closet in the house, as if someone decided it would be a good idea to take the dress and store it in with the holiday wrapping paper, smart, I know...but, I was DESPERATE people!  I called my mom up certain that she'd know where it was, but unfortunately she was no help either.  WHAT WAS I GOING TO DO???  

Let's reiterate the issues at hand: I was in Louisville, KY with time ticking closer to the time that we needed to leave to make the hour drive to Lexington and I had NO DRESS and only a pair of black shoes.  Awesome.  My sweet and loving husband was trying his hardest to help, "Kari, why don't you wear the beautiful dresses that are hanging in your closet?"  Let's talk about these dresses, they were all in the brown family (meaning I would need either brown or white shoes, of which I had neither) and they were cotton summer dresses that I had not worn in at least 3 or 4 years.  I had to suck it up and deal with the fact that I was going to attend a formal, night wedding in a cotton summer dress...ugh.  Onto the next dilemna, NO SHOES.  

Again, in case I haven't let you know enough, I married someone much better than myself.  Stephen OFFERED and then went through with his offer happily (with nothing but a smile on his face and a sense of graciousness) to go to Target and bought any and all white or brown shoes that he thought I would like to go with any of the dresses.  I continued to get ready and he returned with his finds.  Let me tell you, NONE of the shoes that he brought home were looking good, at all.  He was so pleased with his purchases (bless his heart) but they just weren't going to do the job (in his defense, I went to Target the next day to return the shoes and there were SLIM pickin's there!).  The ONLY pair that would work were a pair of white flip-flops with little rhinestones on them.  Awesome.  A summer, cotton dress with flip-flops to be worn to a fancy, evening wedding.  I was sure to fit in.  

Breathe in.  Breathe out.  Get over it!  That's what I did.  I sat in the pew while the wedding was beginning and was trying to tuck my flip-flop adorned feet as far under the pew as possible so that no one could see them.  I was trying to not think about how underdressed I was and to think more how everything in the wedding was so beautiful!  I loved all the details and the colors, I couldn't get enough.  That's when I got excited to see the bridesmaids walk down the aisle...

Did you just hear that record scratch???  If you're confused, refresh yourself with the picture of the dress that I wanted to wear to the wedding....


Dear God,
Thank you for knowing more than I could EVER know.
Thank you for hiding my dress from me so that I couldn't wear it to Ashley's wedding.
Thank you for knowing that if I would've worn the exact same dress I would've felt like a schmuck.
I'm glad that you're in control...even over small things like what I'm going to wear to a wedding.


  1. incredible!! that is so cool, kari. you're a champ! and so is your husband!

  2. i just laughed so hard at this post. so hard.

    love you so much

  3. i knew blogland would love this. i'm so glad that happened / didn't happen to you!

    so glad i got to see you....miss you already


  4. Oh my gosh, that's hilarious! Glad it all worked out in the end :)

  5. oh my gosh kari!! thats crazy! i like this story :)

  6. bahahaha!!! this is just awesome. thank goodness for this sweet blessing from the Lord that came wrapped in a summer like dress and flip flops!!!

  7. what a great story!!! i had to wear gym shoes and a dress to my sis' grad so i feel ur pain. and what a blessing to see the Lord's loving kindness in the "little" things.


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