Monday, May 31, 2010

Magnificent Mondays: Magnificent Blogs 15

When you get three crafty divas together to create a blog, you're sure to get one amazing blog!  I'm also really partial because one of those crafty divas (Patrice) is a teacher friend of mine from when I taught in Lexington.  Not only is she a great teacher but boy, does she have lots of great ideas!

Again, we all know that I'm a bit mesmerized by wreaths but just look at how cool this is!

This craft looks decently easy and the return is a gorgeous accessory for your home, you have to try this!

Fall in love with some of Patrice's great ideas, including this one!

Go see all the great ideas for yourself at Lemon Tree Creations and make sure you stop back by here and share with me what you loved about this great blog!
Happy Blogging!


  1. Let's make some of these! Especially the wreath-I like it! Also, Matt wants to know why your blog is called Adventures of One Crazy Lady. He said "She's not crazy, she's really grounded."

  2. Aww, fun! I'm so glad you like our blog and our ideas, thanks for the feature!!

  3. this is such a super fun blog! thanks for sharing it! all of their ideas are superb... i love their rosette mobile. and it's great that there's a different post author each day - what a way to spice things up! i ought to think about that... there are days when i get so sick of myself!

  4. I forgot you were from Kentucky. I just went there last week with my fam to visit the Kentucky Horse Park. I will be sharing pictures soon. I have one horse-crazy little girl. :)


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