Tuesday, May 18, 2010

WAA-HOO for D.C.!

Last school year, while I was teaching 5th grade, I organized and put together the very first 5th grade trip to Washington, D.C.  I was SO excited to finally get the opportunity to do this as I had been wishing and hoping for it since I had landed my job 2 years prior.  I don't think I ever realized what a big deal it was for me, a 3rd year teacher with no children to plan this trip and that it happened smoothly and successfully.  Now, looking back, I realize how cool of an opportunity it was for these students to get to go to Washington, D.C. to see what we had been studying in Social Studies all year long.  Also, it was such a huge opportunity for them to be able to stay at a Westin Hotel - this may be the nicest trip that some of these kids will ever get to go on - what a neat opportunity!
            {Me, pretending to be the President}                     {2 of my fantastic teacher chaperones on our trip last year}

When I knew that I was moving to Chicago to not return to my beloved 5th grade teaching position, I was so sad at the thought that this successful trip would be no longer since I wasn't there to do it.  I immediately went to my computer and organized all the information, made check-lists and contact sheets to ensure that the planning of this trip could be somewhat fool-proof for whoever was brave and willing enough to take it over.  It was a huge relief when I knew that my team teacher, whom I love dearly, agreed to take on this endeavor for this school year (2009-2010).
Anessa and I having the BEST time together in D.C.!

I was excited to hear about all the planning this year as I wasn't there to help out, but there was a bit of me that was sad that I wouldn't be able to participate in this amazing adventure.  It would be so weird to see pictures of her trip and know that I wasn't there this year to celebrate with her.  You can imagine my surprise when she called me up and asked me if I wanted to go as a chaperone with her...just like last year :).  Who wouldn't say yes to driving in a charter bus with 65 11 year olds and their parents and staying 3 nights away from home with them?!  That was a no-brainer!  So, while you're reading this post, I am exploring our wonderful capital with one of my dearest friends, Anessa!  I feel so blessed to have this opportunity!  I was 25 years old before I ever got to go to D.C. and now this will be my 4th trip in the past 2 years!  I can easily say that I love that city!

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