Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Good Book

I've had many friends rave about this book and it's one that I first learned about nearly 6 years ago.  I bought the book (the whole trilogy for that matter) about 3 years ago and I have yet to read it.  I tried to read the first book but I just couldn't get into it (I didn't try very hard for that matter).  Well, after I had 2 blog (and real life friends) Jenna and Rachel tell me that I needed to get to page 100 and I'd be sucked in, I finally gave it a go and I started reading this last night:
I started reading this last night and I am now on page 150...I am officially hooked!  I'm thankful for that because maybe now I can finally read these three books in the trilogy that have been collecting dust on my bookshelf for so many years.  

I have read almost all of Francine Rivers books (aside from her lineage of grace books and out of those I have read one) and I love every one of them.  Some I love more than others, but there hasn't been one that I've been disappointed in.  Isn't it funny that I say that and yet it took me this long to really dig deep into this one?  My most favorite book that I've read by her is called The Last Sin Eater.  Weird sounding, right?  I know, I know but it is soooo good.  If you by chance made the mistake of seeing the movie without reading the book, please forgive the acting and go out and borrow or buy the book and read it.  It is such a good read!

I'll be brutally honest with you - I'm HORRIBLE at buying books and either never reading them OR starting them and only getting a bit into them before I put them down and never pick them back up.  Shame on me because I love to read...I guess I have a little bit of an attention problem sometimes!  I have a lot of books that I need to read that adorn my bookshelf...maybe I'll actually knock a few of them off my list!

What about you?  What are some books that you recommend I read?


  1. Oh Kari! I am so excited for you! These 3 books will be (by far) your favorite of hers. Have fun getting sucked in!

  2. i haven't read this trilogy, but i've read a few of her other books... amazing! let us know how these are too!! :)

  3. kari--you won't be sorry!!! they are sooo good!! the last one might be my favorite...

  4. I LOVE The Mark of the Lion Series! Keep reading! I actually read the first two, but have yet to read the third...we're talking maybe 3 years ago I read the first two. My other favorite is Redeeming Love. Amazing writer!
    Have you heard of Mark Steele? He wrote Half Life Die Already - GREAT book. Funny book. That's actually a sequel to Flashbang Theory, but I'm just now starting to read that. Going a little out of order :)

  5. i am so excited you started reading it! while rach was on the first, i kept telling her...chapter 7. just get there and you will begin to fall in love.

    yessssssss. i love them. i think the third is my fave. maybe. MAYBE.

  6. the only books i've read as of late are "what to expect when you're expecting" and "babywise." your book sounds amazing!

  7. I love Francine Rivers. My parents gave me the this trilogy a few years ago too but I couldn't get into it either! I need to give it another try!


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