Thursday, April 8, 2010

Happy Belated Easter!

Sorry for my absence from blogland lately...we've had lots of visitors (FUN!) and a trip to Louisville for Easter which has really kept me from spending time doing something that I really enjoy doing (blogging, duh!)!  However, my sister just left this morning (after a fun few days, if I do say so myself) and so now I'm back to me, myself and I during the days :).  I have a lot to catch you up on, but for now we'll stick to this past Easter weekend.  This was Stephen and mine's first Easter together which basically means that we get to be together all the time, as opposed to only getting to see Stephen once a month before he ventures back to Chicago and me back to Lexington, so that is fun!
And might I add that the weather was beautiful!  Here is a picture of us on our first Easter - Stephen insisted we get a picture (which is funny to me).  It was a great weekend!  Stephen had off work on Friday so we headed to Louisville on Friday morning and arrived by 3:30 (nasty traffic on 65south - thanks Indiana!).  That night, we got to spend some time with our nephew Jacob and niece Halle while we babysat for Nathan and Ashley - we had a ton of fun!  We don't get to see these cuties that often so we really enjoyed being able to hang out with them just us and them.

Later that night we headed over to Stephen's parents house to dye Easter Eggs with Stephen's sister and her husband - all in all, a great day!
On Saturday we spent the day running errands and then went out to dinner with my parents and sister and her husband to celebrate her birthday - we enjoyed delicious Cuban cuisine - YUMMY!
Sunday was a wonderful day filled with church, family and great food!
Sunday afternoon was filled with relaxation and this:

Who doesn't love a great Sunday nap with your favorite canine companion?!
The weekend ended on Monday (Stephen took work off on Monday) and so we got to sleep in and peacefully head back to Chicago with my sister, Melissa.
I hated leaving Louisville, but at least I had Melissa to keep me company for a few days :)

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