Friday, April 9, 2010

Working to Accomplish A Goal

Do you remember my New Years Resolutions?  Let me remind you of 2 of my resolutions, learn to sew and to buy a new sewing machine.  Let me tell you, I am excitedly working towards this!  I got my sewing machine last week (YA-HOO!) and I can't wait to use it!  The only problem is that I don't know what I'm doing!  I sit in class at night and think about all the things that I want to make and do with my sewing machine...I must be proactive about this or else that machine will sit unused and I won't learn anything in class.  My sister, Melissa was here and she helped me research where I could take sewing lessons.  We found a few places but then she found gold!  Joann's offers sewing classes for $35 for a 2.5 hour session(which is cheap compared to other prices here) and if I register this Saturday during their "Open House" I save 50% on the class.  Let's do the math together...that's $17.50!  YESSSSSSSSS!
I really am excited to learn to use my machine so that I can continue to make things without having to have my mom help me :).  Over the Easter weekend, I had her help me make a birthday gift for my nephew, Jacob.  I was inspired by Meg at whatever to make an age t-shirt for him.  I purchased the fabric off etsy for super cheap and the t-shirt from walmart for (of course) super cheap.
The idea is that when this shirt is washed, the fabric will kinda curl and fringe up to where the stitch is which will (hopefully) add to the charm of the t-shirt.  Here's the back of the t-shirt:

I hope he likes it!  I cannot wait to make more! :)


  1. I love the shirt! The fabric you used is really cute. I've been wanting to do something similar for a while now but still haven't tried it. Did you use any interfacing?

    Thanks for your sweet comment about my baby sweater - it was really fun to knit.

    I hadn't heard of runners knee either! Let me tell you - it's not fun! It has something to do with your tendons, apparently. Of course, after I got it, I looked in the training book I got when I started and there was a sheet on it. I guess it's pretty common. Ugh. Good luck on your 5k!!!

  2. I have been wanting to do something like this!


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