Thursday, April 29, 2010

Candy Galore!

Welcome to the PEEP show!  :)  This picture always cracks me up!  
I have never been the one to crave candy, in fact, I've always been quite the opposite.  At any time during the day I could easily eat something salty that is equally (if not more) unhealthy for me than something sugary.  Cheese fries, nachos, pizza, french fries - I have more of a chance of having high cholesterol instead of high blood sugar.  This is NOT the case with my husband.

My husband, if left to his own devices, would devour any piece of sugar that he could get his sticky little hands on.  Cookies?  Cakes?  Pies?  Candy?  Those are the keys to his 8-year-old heart.  Not only does he have an uncanny love for sugary sweets, but he also is the president of his very own candy club.  He has designated candy into 3 main "families": Chocolate, Fruity and Marshmallow.  Now, according to him, there are other branches that come out of these three main "families" which happen to be Marshmallow: candy corn, peeps, circus peanuts, tootsie rolls (no, they're not chocolate, I asked him myself....they're a hybrid, a crossover if you will) and obviously anything else of marshmallow substance.  
Chocolate: candy bars, chocolate candies, m& know.
Fruity: Skittles, starbursts, fruit slices (his fav from this "family") and then we could break it down even further with hard fruit candies and soft fruit candies. 
Now if you know my husband, you aren't a bit surprised by this at all.  This is the kid who used to keep little bags of various candies in his pockets so that at any time, he was ready to soothe the day with a gram (or 100) of sugar.  This is the kid who, when he was five, went knocking door to door on the cul-de-sac in his neighborhood asking his neighbors for candy because, supposedly, his mom didn't feed him.  True story.

You'd think that the 27 year-old man that I call my husband would be more grown up...not when it comes to his candy.  After every major candy holiday we head to every retail and grocery store we can think of (Krogers, Wal-mart, Target, Walgreens, YOU NAME IT) to see how cheap we can stock up on our candy.  I'm not kidding.  After Halloween, we went to Target and purchased 11 bags of candy corn. ELEVEN.  Easter is an especially joyous candy holiday because he has come off of a candy fast (for Lent) AND because "there's a drought of candy holidays between Easter and Halloween....WE HAVE TO STOCK UP!"  I wish I could say that the twin bed in the front room wasn't covered with bags of Easter candy that we got on sale at a couple of different stores.  I wish I could say that the bottom drawer of the filing cabinet in the office wasn't filled (and I mean filled) with candy which will hopefully last us 'til Halloween.  I really wish I could say that my husband's first response to me possibly getting a research assistantship that could pay for my gradschool (you heard me right) wasn't, "I should've bought more candy that was on sale!"
Oh what will we do when a miniature version of him comes along?!


  1. YOU'RE PREGNANT??????

    I love candy as much as Stephen...I bet we'd get along reeeal nice.

  2. Is this your long way of telling us you're pregnant???

  3. Oh. My. Gosh. I need to breathe. I just laughed until I nearly peed! This is the first blog entry I have gotten to read of yours and I must say, you are a FABULOUS story teller! I know where I am coming to get my belly laugh in for the day!

    Oh, and I thought I had a candy problem but wow....they need to do a show for him. True Life: I Hoard Candy. Starring: Stephen Corsi and his wifey sidekick! Too funny!!!!

  4. Oh my goodness you all are funny. I miss you. Are you pregnant?


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