Tuesday, April 20, 2010

ABC - A tribute to Holz :)

My sweet friend Holly did this last week on her blog and I thought it was cute.  I am also lacking blog inspirations so I figured this could be a good post (and I'm procrastinating doing school work so this gives me a reason to wait longer) :)  So get ready to learn a little A-Z about me!

a. area code: Random question; I don't even know considering I use my cell phone and we have no land line.
b. bed size: Queen; me and the hubsters aren't tall people and we can sleep comfortably in a queen - good thing because our room in our apartment could NEVER accommodate a king!
c. chore you hate: I really hate to do laundry here in Chicago BECAUSE we don't have a washer and dryer in our apartment, otherwise I wouldn't mind it.  The chore I've always hated has been dusting - I feel like you have to redust days later and it's super annoying.
d. dogs name: My parent's dog (but I consider her my own) is Rosie.  I look forward to the day when we can get a dog of our own :)
e. essential "start of the day": It used to be a large diet coke from Chick-fil-a on my way to school or coffee but these days it's been tea.
f. favorite color: I really love orange and green (and I also have soft spots for browns and reds - really warm colors).
g. gold or silver: Platinum bab-bay!  Just kidding - either or...I wear more silver but I do always wear a gold ring on my right hand that my parents gave me for my 16th bday.
h. height: I'm short: 5'4.5 (that's right, I'm keeping that .5 on there and there's nothing you can do about it!)
i. instruments i play: I used to rock the cello - you heard right - the cello.  I took 8 years of private lessons and was 2nd chair in my school's orchestra...BE JEALOUS!
j. job: Full-time grad student and wife, although I really feel like I take more days "off" than I should :)
k. kids: in the future, but none for now (and I'm okay with it!)
l. living arrangements: I live in an apartment with the Mr. which we would love to stay in during our duration of calling Chicago our home.
m. moms name: I would tell you but then you would be prone to repeat it and say something about the Simpsons.
n. nickname: My mom used to always call me "Kare-Bear" and my YL girls call me by my maiden name. 

o. overnight hospital stay: Never had one; I know that will change when a baby comes along (not for awhile ANGIE!)
p. pet peeve: Rudeness of all shapes and sizes and for any reason.
q. quote from a movie: The only thing that comes to my mind is "Shampoo is better..."
r. righty or lefty: Right
s. siblings: 2 older sisters, Melissa and Laurel (and then a lot of in-laws from both sides)
t. time you wake up: here lately, 8:15-9ish...I know, I know, I'm lucky.
u. underwear: I really don't know where to go with this question so I'll put my own spin on it: I love Target undies - they're cheap and cute! :)
v. veggies you dislike: I don't really have one, I love my veggies...ask JB's dad.
w. ways or reasons you are late: These days it's because I've lost all ability to manage time and to have a realistic grasp of how long it takes to do anything. 
x. x- rays: Nope
y. yummy food you make: Stephen loves it when I make baked pasta or any sweet of any kind.  I made boxed cupcakes and you'd of thought I was Paula Deen to him.  He's an easy pleaser - no complaints!
z. zoo animals you like: Monkeys, especially Marcel from Friends.


  1. I love that you did this too! Whoo hooo! I miss youuuuu


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