Monday, April 26, 2010

Magnificent Mondays: Magnificent Blogs 10

This blog is full of great decorating and DIY ideas!  Not only will you see pictures and ideas from Carolyn (the blog's creator) but she also showcases other blog's (MIY: Make it Yours Day) and great ideas that you can find there...a.k.a. a plethora of creativeness! 

Look at how cool this is!  You could copy the idea and change it up a bit to fit your home.

Wanting to hide all the mess under your bed?  She makes this look easy (and cheap)!

I freakin' LOVE these and never want to spend the outrageous amount asked for I can make my own!

Okay, seriously I could continue to link tons and tons of links for fun projects that I want to mimic, but I encourage you to step on into the Backyard and see for yourself!
Happy Blogging!

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