Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Prayers for Nana

This past weekend, Stephen and I had no plans except for a few here and there.  We had known that his Nana was in the hospital but we were hoping she would recover and soon head home.  Much to our dismay, things began to worsen and we had to take an unexpected trip to Pittsburgh this weekend to see his beloved Nana just in case....
While this is a sad thing to think about, it's also very encouraging for a number of reasons.  Big reason number one:
Nana is a Christian - we know where she's going when that time comes.  That is definitely a blessing as it brings some peace to the equation.
Nana will be 93 this year - she's lived a long and full life!  No matter what happens, we know that she has gotten the most out of these past 93 years.

Please pray for Nana.  Please pray that she remains comfortable and at peace and that she can go home (under the care of Stephen's aunt) where she will definitely be the most comfortable.  Please pray for healing.  Right now, her blood platelet count continues to drop.  This could be one of 2 things, both of which can't really be treated due to her age.  She will continue to receive platelet transfusions until those no longer work.  You'd never know anything was wrong with her by looking or talking with her - it's the internal problems that are creating this issue.  Prayers would be greatly appreciated!

In other news, I went to the eye doctor today for a follow-up appointment (I went last week and go reprimanded for wearing my contacts too much and my eyes not getting enough oxygen) and she asked me if I slept with my eyes open.  I'm just going to leave this post right there because that's random and crazy sounding enough for me!

I hope you're not sitting in your own sweat like I am!


  1. I just laughed out loud when I read that the doctor asked you if you slept with your eyes open. Are you going to have Stephen watch you tonight?

    And definitely praying for Nana.

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  3. Praying!!! Do you sleep with your eyes open? That could be kinda cool....=)

  4. Praying for Nana & Stephen's family!


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