Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Top 3 Pet Peeves

So today I had 2 things happen to me that really just get my goat.  Not like I blow up and am so angry, but they just drive me crazy.  These things are little things but I would almost always prefer that they didn't happen...please forgive me as I make a list of the top 3 things that drive me nuts!

(1) Public Restroom toilets that flush very intensely causing water to splash on you.  Um, can we say siiiiiiiiiiick?!  No one wants water splashed on them, especially when it's coming from the toilet that hundreds of people use (even if 1 person was using this toilet, I wouldn't want that water spraying up on me!)!!!  I especially hate it when they're automatic flushers and so immediately when you stand up they start spraying your bare bum with water -- it's not a bad-ay people!  At UIC they have automatic, violently flushing toilets and you should see me (not that I'd like to have company in the stall) doing my little maneuver of standing up off the toilet and rushing to the front of the stall to pull my pants up so that the toilet doesn't start splashing my back side.  Geez!  Can't a girl go pee in peace?!

(2) Getting the bus driver that likes to slam on his brakes and pump on the gas so you feel as if you're on the new ride at Kings Island.  I get annoyed with this especially when I've decided to do some reading for school on the bus and I'm trying to highlight important points while I'm reading.  Too bad over half the pages in my book like like a small child got their hands on it and started attacking it with florescent markers.  I guess the guys that work for CTA (Chicago Transit Authority) don't really have to know how to drive.

(3) Rudeness - an obvious and blatant disrespect for people.  While I'm not saying that Chicago is the worst city in the world for this and that all people are rude here, I am saying that this is not Lexington, KY.  The majority of the time people will bump into you and go right on walking, they'll walk through a door and not hold it open for anyone in back of them and the thing that is SUPER annoying is that they LOVE their car horns.  I don't know if they think that they're producing a beautiful symphonic melody when they tap on their steering wheel in front of them, but let me tell you people here honk just to hear themselves honk.  It almost makes me want to start honking at them for honking (hypocrite much?).  We went to Home Depot to buy a brick to prop under our air conditioner and Stephen wanted to go to the smaller Home Depot because it was closer.  We walk in and find someone who works there and ask them if they have bricks.  Their response?  "No." That's all, they were completely content with their answer.  It wasn't until after I had asked them if this were all Home Depots or just them that they told me that they were the smallest Home Depot in the state and that any other one would carry them.  I know you're thinking, "How is this rude?" but in my head I see rudeness and disrespect being closely tied to laziness and a bit of selfishness (probably because I recognize it in my own life) and this girl that worked at Home Depot was completely content with just saying, "No." so she could go on and be done with us. I shouldn't really complain about rude people seeing as though this isn't New York City.  Stephen had someone he works with (that lives in NYC) complain because the people in Chicago wished him a nice day - OH THE HORROR! :)

Okay, now that I've got that off my chest, what are some of your pet peeves?  Do any of these make your top 3?


  1. Hmm, these don't make my top 3 but I did laugh out loud at each one of yours. Especially when you said you run to the front of the stall the second you stand up after peeing. HAHA!

    You just need to start saying "Oh my goodness. You are so welcome! I am so glad that I could hold the door open for you and how kind of you to say thank you! What good manners you have!" to people that you hold doors open for when they don't say thank you. It's entertaining the faces you get. OK, maybe its a little heavy on the sarcasm and not the most godly approach, but it'd probably get your point across...

    Or Matt likes to vigorously wave and smile at people who honk or don't wave a "thank you" for letting them in front of you. The south is a different world...we're not in Kansas anymore!

  2. Kari,
    I also hate the toilet spray action. Usually I flush & jump away from the toilet & towards the door. I mean, it's still locked, but just get as far away from the door as possible.

    I've been thinking that for a long time...glad you share.

  3. i hate when i hit "print preview" over and over when I mean to hit print. i'm sure no one else in the world can relate but it makes me so made whenever i do it...

  4. Um I am totally with you on the toilet thing. My next biggest is when people poke along in the left lane on the highway during morning rush hour - hello, you have a line of 20 angry people behind you! It just makes everyone drive crazier. Finally - I really dislike loud cell phone talkers in public like the grocery store. I do not need to know what the doctor told you when you went to talk about that thing! :)


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