Friday, July 16, 2010

Place-mat Pillow

A couple of months ago I was perusing around blogland when I came across a pillow that someone had made out of a Target place-mat.  I thought to myself, "I don't need to mark this page, I'll remember how to make it..." While that is true, I would like to give credit to this blogger for inspiring me, so hopefully you guys can help me find her :).

Here are the supplies you'll need:
1. A double-sided place-mat (the blog that I was inspired by used the exact same place-mat from Target so if you've seen this blog and you know what I'm talking about, please send me the url - thanks!)
2. A bag of pillow stuffing
3. A seam ripper
4. Embroidery needle
5. Floss to match your pillow

First things first, start ripping out your seam that is holding the front piece of your place-mat to the back piece.  You'll rip enough out for you to stuff the pillow.

Here is where you can start filling that bad boy up with some pillow stuffing.  I worked with the stuffing while I was sticking it in the pillow to try to even it out as much as possible.

Once your pillow is as stuffed as you'd like it, then you can take pins and secure the front piece to the back piece almost in the same location where you'll hand-stitch up the hole.
Once you've pinned the front and back together you can go through with your embroidery needle and hand-stitch up the hole you were using to stuff with.

And viola!  Step back and enjoy how beautiful your creation is!

Lastly, you'll have to figure out which room in your home will be graced by this beautiful little pillow's presence...I'm having a hard time with that as we speak :).
Thanks for listening to me pretend like I know what I'm doing!


  1. I love this! I may even be able to tackle this! You're so crafty, Kari!

  2. Those pillows turned out just great!

    Kari, I gave you a sunshine award on my blog today as I am a new follower and have been enjoying your blog very much!

  3. Kari! I just bought 2 of these fabulous placemats at Target & I'm ready to get to work -- did you use that entire big bag of filling? Would one of those bags be enough for 2 pillows?

  4. P.S. Hopefully one of the dates we've been throwing around works for you! Would love to see you, friend :)

  5. Hey Kari! I love your placemat pillow! Great minds think alike :) Thanks for the visit.


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