Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Busy Labor Day Weekend

I'm horrible at taking pictures - that is definitely something I want to become better at doing!  As a result of me being horrible at taking pictures, I have nothing to show you from this weekend except for maybe some pictures I borrowed off the internet.

We had a jam-packed weekend full of fun, family and driving!  It started off with me picking Stephen up from work at 4 on Friday and we headed out of Chicago.  We arrived at my parents house at 11 and we visited and then headed to bed.  On Saturday morning we woke up early to head out (with my parents) to Johnson City, TN to visit my Aunt Shirley, Uncle Gene, cousin Tressa and her husband Wendell.  We never have a dull moment when we visit these crazy, fun-loving family members!  As soon as we arrived we ate some dinner and then headed out to the back roads of Hiltons, Virginia to enjoy some true Bluegrass music at the Carter Fold.

I know you're probably wondering what this place is, so I'll fill you in.  It is the birthplace of country music - the home of June Carter's family (Mama Maybelle, A.P....have you seen the movie Walk the Line?).  They have this old barn there that they've rigged into a backwoods stage and every Saturday night they have different Bluegrass bands come and play while the locals clog right in front of the stage.  Let me tell you, it is quite the experience!  This was my third or fourth time visiting, but Stephen's first.  When the music started and the cloggers arose, Stephen looked so entertained/amused/confused that I couldn't help but laugh at him!

On Sunday morning we went to church and then off to a Japanese restaurant (my family loves to eat).  After getting nice and full we enjoyed the gorgeous day outside and then drove over to Jonesboro, TN which is known for being the first city in the state.

With the beautiful weather and the quaint town it was an afternoon out of a movie.  There were little shops and restaurants and even an old fashioned candy shop.  Yup!  Stephen was as happy as a little kid!

We topped off our trip to Jonesboro with some yummy ice cream!  If you watch The Great Food Truck Race on the Food Network, check out the episode airing this Sunday night at 9pm to see the cute little ice cream shop where we enjoyed dessert!
On Monday we woke up late and had a lazy morning followed by lunch at a local Mexican restaurant (I'm telling you, my family loves to eat)!  We then hit the road and headed back to Louisville.  When we arrived we ate dinner with my mom and dad and then went over to Stephen's family's house where we hung out with his mom, dad, sister, her husband and his Noni (grandma).  We spent the night there and then woke up on Tuesday morning (Stephen took the day off) to go back to good ol'Chi-town in time for me to get to class!  Luckily for me, there's a Chick'Fil'A in Lafayette, IN which is about 2 hours outside of Chicago that we were able to stop and enjoy a scrumptious lunch on the road.  We arrived back here just in time for Stephen to drop me off at class where I could enjoy 3 hours of grad school fun!
That was our fun weekend - busy but FUN!  What were you up to this weekend???

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  1. Kari! I had no idea you had family in Johnson City!!! We lived there for 8 years! I loved that town, we also went to Jonesborough a lot too! Glad your weekend was so fun!


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